Redefining Why You Should Buy Consoles


Console fanboys. In 2016. Is that really what we’re dealing with right now with all the anger over Quantum Break coming to PC? Are some people still mad when others get to play the games they like? Continue reading

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RIP GameTrailers


The sudden closure of GameTrailers seems to be a surprise to everyone, but as soon as I read the announcement on Twitter I saw it as another sign of the trend of the early 2000’s era of video game coverage falling away. Continue reading

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LTTP (Attempt): Mario Tennis (And Where Are The Tennis Video Games?)

This should probably go down as more of an attempt at a Late To The Party investigation than an actual one. One of the Nintendo franchises I’d ignored over the years was Mario Tennis, and I decided to take a few hours to try one out. Too bad it ended up being probably the worst game in the series if the general consensus I’ve seen is correct. Continue reading

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WordPress Desktop App And The Supposed Death Of The Web


The last few updates on this blog have actually been done using the WordPress desktop app. I guess it’s just been another step in the computing world’s conversion from web to app, but personally I’ve felt different forces pulling in both directions. Continue reading

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Indie Game Radar: Super Galaxy Squadron, Murder


I guess I’ve decided to tear through a bunch of the smaller games I bought on Steam over the last year or so while I’m not busy with anything really big. Coming off of Super Star Path I actually managed to thoroughly play a couple more games I bought during the last steam sale at basically non-existent prices. Continue reading

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Indie Game Radar: Super Star Path


This edition of Good Indie Games No One Is Talking About is for one that actually came out last June. It was one of the games I picked up during the last winter sale at a likely completely trivial price, and I just played through most of it. Since Destructoid is the closest thing to a mainstream gaming site that has said anything about Super Star Path (that tends to be how it goes for games this obscure), I thought I’d at least say a few words.

Basically, Super Star Path tries to combine the shoot em’ up with the falling block puzzle game. For the most part I think it succeeds at creating something that require the skills of both genres. When you think about it it’s a really smart mix of gameplay and is very well executed. It’s just that this is a small game. I mean really small. I reached the final boss and got just about every collectible in less than two hours. Continue reading

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Why Duke Nukem 3D Matters


I knew the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D was this year, I just didn’t realize it was today. I don’t think I’m gonna write a long retrospective here, just a bit of a reminder of why the game is actually important.

When people look back on Duke 3D today, they mainly remember the character Duke Nukem himself — his one-liners, his attitudes towards women, and how displaced in time he seemed when Duke Nukem Forever finally came out. The truth is Duke 3D’s hard game design probably felt like a significant step forward in 1996, particularly the way its levels and world were designed. Continue reading

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I Don’t Think We’ll Get Classic Survival Horror From Capcom Again


With the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil coming up this year and Capcom partially celebrating it with the release of its remastered version of Resident Evil 0, it’s a natural time to start thinking about where the franchise that popularized horror in video games has gone and where it might go. The first episode of Resident Evil Revelations 2 was one of the things I snagged during the last winter Steam sale and I just finished it up. It’s almost what I’d like a modern RE game to be, but some of its decisions have me convinced today’s Capcom just can’t get away from modern blockbuster video game trends.

I actually don’t remember a whole lot about the first Revelations game which I played through within a rental of the 3DS version, other than the final boss being really tough. The one main sense I and seemingly most people get from both games is that they are mergers of the puzzle-and-exploration focus of the older RE games and the action focus of the newer entries. They’re sort of a bone Capcom is throwing at longtime fans, but in my opinion if Capcom is going to do that, why keep the influences from the newer games? Why not just go all the way and make Revelations a brand new RE in the older style? Continue reading

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How I Feel About The “Most Anticipated Games” of 2016


I don’t know if there are more than maybe a couple games of 2016 that I’m really, truly anticipating. I’ve started thinking about that as we approach the end of January without my having bought a single new game. There are quite a few games I’m probably going to buy, but that feeling of actually “needing” a game is extremely rare to me these days. This comes on top of a significant change in my buying habits overall, stemming from changes both in the gaming industry in general and my own personal life. Continue reading

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Backlog Chronicles: Sword of Mana

Sword of Mana-2 One night this past week when I didn’t have anything else to do and couldn’t get to sleep, I happened to have a charged-up Game Boy Advance next to my bed, so I went ahead and finished off Sword of Mana. My backlog of handheld Japanese RPGs is pretty ridiculous, and this was one of the ones where I had simply stopped at the final boss. Finishing it out of the blue like this has illustrated in multiple ways how typical it is of the strengths and other aspects of JRPGs.

Why this is concerning to me is because I’ve actually never played Secret of Mana, a game many people seem to hold as a highlight of the Super Nintendo’s library and the game to which Sword of Mana is a prequel. I still plan to get Secret of Mana on Virtual Console or something but I have no idea how how I’ll receive the game. Continue reading

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