OpenCritic And Where Review Scores Are Today

The appearance of an attempt at competition for Metacritic in the form of OpenCritic (remember GameRankings and GameStats?) has sort of ignited a new discussion on video game reviews and review scores, if only a small one. I actually don’t check reviews extremely often anymore but that doesn’t mean I think they’re useless. I just like to think of them in a way that in my opinion better defines the situation at hand than what most people have been saying about them. Continue reading

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On Art And Video Games… Again


The Games As Art discussion has flared up again thanks to a new book out and an article Polygon did on it. I guess it was about time we had renewed arguments on the subject.

Pretty much everyone I’ve seen criticizing or otherwise discussing it this week has focused on the Polygon article and its excerpt of the first chapter of Phil Owen’s new book WTF Is Wrong With Video Games? Of course it’s too soon to expect everybody to analyze the whole book. I don’t currently plan to read it either out of a simple lack of time, but what’s in the Polygon piece brings up some ideas I don’t think have been thoroughly examined in the context of today’s era of gaming.

Continue reading

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My Endorsement Of Mega Man Legends


Mega Man Legends has just received probably the closest thing it will ever get to a second chance — a re-release of the original game on the North American PlayStation Store this week. Even today, with all the outpour from fans, it seems like a relatively underrated game, and I’m here to help make the case for it.

I actually wrote the following back in December 2009 and thought I should freshen this old post up a bit:

The reason Mega Man Legends deserves at least a mention alongside my favorite games of all time is simply because it contains pretty much everything I could ask for in a video game.  If you asked me for a vision of my “perfect game,” it would probably just be a more modern version of this game, which is why the sting of Mega Man Legends 3’s cancellation hurts so bad. Continue reading

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A Little Bit On Secondhand PC Game Keys

A story that’s going around a little bit right now centers on some stores that focus on reselling activation keys for some PC games without any of the money going back to developers. It’s basically like the used game conundrum but for PC games. There also questions of how the stores obtained the keys. This is actually a subject (or is at least related to a subject) I wanted to write a paid feature about for a while now, but it just never got off the ground. I think here I can at least talk a little bit real quick on what I discovered about second hand keys for people who still don’t know. Continue reading

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The Real Draw Of PC Gaming


Every once in a while I see a discussion or article weighing the pros and cons of PC gaming today versus console gaming. In the PC vs console fanboy arguments that inevitably ensue I think what ends up getting lost is the real reason people should get into PC gaming in the first place. It get’s lost in a discussion about graphics and framerates and hardware.

I touched on this a bit this past May when writing about people’s disappointment with The Witcher 3’s console development possibly affecting its PC development. I’d like to bring it out as its own independent subject though and maybe as something I can link to whenever the subject comes up again. Basically, I don’t think people should get into PC gaming exclusively to run AAA games better than the consoles can. Continue reading

Apple’s News App & News Consumption, Part Two

I could only really mess around with Apple’s News app for a few hours before I wrote that previous post about why I wouldn’t really need it and why I still use RSS. Since then I’ve discovered a little more about it, but still don’t know how much use it could ever really be to me. It also got me thinking some more about how fundamentally my news consumption has changed in the last 10 years or so.

Previously I compared Apple’s News app to RSS before realizing it actually does have a function to accept RSS feeds. If you go to a website in Safari with a certain kind of feed you can tell iOS9 to add that feed to the News app. I haven’t gotten it to actually work but there it is. Continue reading

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Release Dates Have Almost Stopped Mattering


I see people are not pleased with Persona 5’s likely six-month delay. Y’know what? I don’t care. Actually, a part of me was sort of hoping for it.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get mad about another game delay again. The existence of my backlog has ensured I’ll never really have a “long wait” for any game, possibly ever again.

Continue reading

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iOS9 News And Why I Still Prefer RSS


With the buzz around about iOS9 I thought I’d go ahead and at least check out Apples new News app before I dismissed it. Even before the OS update and the app came out I already assumed I wouldn’t be very interested in yet another news aggregator, but it’s made me realize what’s happened to the way I get my news. Continue reading

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20 Years Of Microsoft Fury3


Yes it’s the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Basically everybody’s already talking about it and I don’t know that there’s a whole lot I could contribute. It was one of the first games I played as a toddler and was obviously a founding influence in my experience with the medium. That’s about it. Whatever. What I am here to write about today is another anniversary that slipped by me a couple weeks ago at the end of August.

What I’m here to write about, is Microsoft Fury3, which just turned 20. Continue reading

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The Witcher 3 Was Almost An Open World Adventure Game


The Witcher 3 has pretty much been received as a seminal, almost flawless game in the eyes of many. While I’m inclined to believe it is one of the best crafted video game worlds I’ve seen in recent times, I feel I must talk about one of the few but persistent things that keep it from perfection. One of Witcher 3’s main elements brings it close to a kind of video game I’ve long wanted to see, but falls just shy of the goal. Continue reading

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