The Completion of Taxman’s Sonic

I’ve been aware of Christian “Taxman” Whitehead’s efforts to remaster Sonic The Hedgehog 3 for a while, but never really paid them a whole lot of attention. It’s only now after someone asked me to bring some attention to the petition for its release that I’ve investigated the project and become a lot more interested in maybe one day playing it. My only reservations are regarding platforms and support. Continue reading

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Stop Saying Every Year is the Best Year of Gaming Ever

1998 in Gaming

2015 is looking like it’s going to be a pretty good year, but I swear if I see a bunch of publications making “Is 2015 going to be the greatest year of gaming ever?” stories, I’m going to lose it. Every time these discussions come up I have to remind people that 1998 was and still is the greatest year ever in terms of software releases.

There have definitely been great years since, but something separates almost all of them from 1998. We’ll continue to have years seen as greater than most others, but I honestly don’t know if we’ll get another “1998” in the near future. It was a product of circumstances unique to that time I don’t see arising today. Continue reading

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Indie Game Radar: Secret Legend

 Not long ago a guy under the twitter handle “andrew souldice” posted some animated images on twitter and tigsource revealing his first independent project, currently titled Secret Legend. So far literally all we have is a handful of short animated images, but they already suggest a lot about what the game is and what it’s trying to do.

Basically, it looks like it’s going to be an isometric or 2.5D Zelda clone. Zelda clones in general are relatively rare (otherwise they’d simply have a name for the “genre”), and that half-step between 2D and 3D is something that’s rarely if ever been done for the formula. It begs thinking about what Nintendo’s recently done with some of its franchises as well and where Secret Legend could go in comparison. Continue reading

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The Order 1886 And The Console War Cycle


Disclaimer: I do not own a PS4 and haven not played The Order: 1886.

People weren’t just anticipating The Order: 1886, they weren’t just anticipating the reviews for the game, people were anticipating forum reactions to reviews of the game. I know a lot of people looked at its launch like an oncoming train wreck. This game has been surrounded by morbid curiosity for months now.

Most of that comes from the anticipation for the game. That in itself is made up of several factors occurring in a cyclical pattern I’d honestly thought people who buy game consoles had outgrown. All this hype and anguish over The Order is just another tragedy of the console wars. Continue reading

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What might universal Xbox One apps actually mean?


A bit of news that’s going around right now is The Verge’s report on Microsoft opening up the SDK for “universal” apps on Xbox One to basically everyone, along with turning the retail console into a dev kit. I personally think that’s a pretty big deal, for reasons I may have already gone over some time ago. In a way it’s a step forward for game consoles in general that could only have come from Microsoft (out of the current big three players). Continue reading

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Late to the Party: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat

I finally managed to finish S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat over the weekend (completely vanilla save for a vegetation mod). As fans of the series told me, it improves upon its predecessors (I decided I didn’t have time for Clear Sky) the way a sequel should. It takes a few steps in the direction I wanted to see S.T.A.L.K.E.R. go but didn’t get all the way there, which only increases my disappointment about what happened to its developer. Continue reading

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Intersteallar Marines is that endangered project I want to see succeed.


I like to think I lean a bit on the cynical side when it comes to Steam Early Access. I personally don’t like to buy and play games until they’re feature-complete. But, I gotta say, Interstellar Marines may have got me with its free week and accompanying $7 sale.

It still feels like it’s in an extremely pre-alpha state despite having a very long, troubled development cycle. Despite that, I’m finding what’s already in place difficult to put down. I should warn any prospective buyers though that this could be entirely due to my own personal taste in first-person shooters, a taste that’s gone unsatisfied for years. If you have the same yearning for certain kinds of first person action however, you might develop a similar attachment to this game. Continue reading

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CRT Filters And Retro PC Games


A common point when it comes to retro gaming on modern hardware has been the use of filters to make it look like you’re playing a game on a 90’s CRT. Usually this is a thing with console games, and until now I never thought to try it with PC games. Old monitors were technically CRTs too, just a different kind.

Over the last couple days I’ve been testing a few different old school filters with either old PC games or new PC games that are supposed to look like old games. The results have varied but I think they’re very much worth sharing. Continue reading

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The Future Of Resident Evil’s Past


Capcom seems to be pleased with the digital sales of its latest Resident Evil HD remaster which already has fans giddy. I think I want to put out what I’d like to call some realistic expectations for how Capcom might or might not build on this.

Mostly, my expectations are based on what Capcom is actually willing to do from a technology and production standpoint. It’s a little easier to see what potential re-releases might do better commercially, but it’s definitely not as easy as flipping an “HD remaster” switch on any given game, especially when you’re talking about games this old. Continue reading

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Do People Really Want To Talk With A Bunch Of Strangers In Splatoon?


A lot of new details recently came out on Splatoon, but being a multiplayer shooter from Nintendo, what’s getting the most attention is its announced lack of voice chat when playing with random people. This is classic Nintendo going against what most people expect of a genre in which it has basically no experience.

This is far from the first time I’ve talked about Nintendo and online infrastructure, but I think this particular area is worth examining again in the midst of recent conversations about online harassment. It plays into what I think is Nintendo’s reasoning behind everything they’ve done in regards to online multiplayer. Continue reading

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