Let’s Put The Zelda Wii U Delay Into Perspective

If the delay of the Wii U Legend of Zelda game into 2016 has you seriously panicked about the Wii U, Nintendo, or your gaming schedule for the next 12 months, I think you need to chill.

A lot has come forth concerning Nintendo over the last couple weeks, but I think I’m gonna take a minute to go over what we know is still coming this year to the Wii U. Honestly, I think it has another couple significant years left in it despite the system’s commercial performance. Continue reading

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This Blog, Freelance Games Writing, Money, And Why I Do it

A couple posts from other blogs I recently caught have encouraged me to talk publicly a little bit about why I update this page and maybe some of the inner workings of what goes on here and at some other gaming websites.

Mostly this has to do with where money is and isn’t going as well as how these blogs relate to the job market surrounding games writing. If you’re trying to break in this post might be slightly useful. Continue reading

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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory 10 Years On: What Makes A Simulation Game


Today is the 10th anniversary of what is often called one of the best stealth games ever and one of my personal favorite games of all time. I spent all weekend re-examining Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory partly because it’s still an excellent game and partly to re-approach it. Continue reading

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RIDE And The Mainstream Allure of Simulator Games


Are there other people out there who enjoy just looking at hardcore simulation games, or dipping their toes into them, despite probably never having the dedication required to fully explore all their nuances? I feel like there might be people who feel this way about Gran TurismoProject CARSArmA, or any number of flight simulators.

This intermediate attraction is what has me taking a look at RIDE from the guys who’ve been making all the MotoGP games. Apparently this is Milestone S.r.l.’s first original motorcycle simulator. I’ve actually had a slight interest in motorcycle racing simulators in particular for years now, but I don’t now when I’ll ever fully dive into one again. Continue reading

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How Much Will Mobile Really Help Nintendo?

AS20150317004618_commL At the time of this writing I’ve had around 12 hours to digest the latest Nintendo megaton, which I was only awake for at the time of announcement because I couldn’t sleep last night. Overall, I think its mobile deal with DeNA foreshadows some potentially good and bad things for the future of Nintendo and its platforms. It’s way too early to tell which outweights the others.

However, I think we do need to look at this in terms of how it tackles what remain Nintendo’s biggest problems. Continue reading

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Valve Continually Ahead Of The Curve


A bit of news today has been that of Steam hitting a record nine million concurrent users. Data on concurrent Xbox Live and PlayStation Network users is tough to find (I only know that XBL hit 2 million in 2009), but nine million is not an insignificant market, neither is 76 million active accounts.

What I’m interested in right now though is the event that actually pushed Steam to its new record. It’s something basically no other game platform is doing, and I wonder if Valve is charting the future again. Continue reading

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Why Steam’s Shovelware Probably Deserves To Be There

Untitled-1 I imagine most people don’t, but ever since Steam opened its floodgates and later added the discoverability update, I’ve continued to sift through the que of games it presents me daily (sometimes twice daily). This means I have to trek through all the shovelware people have complained about on Steam lately. Honestly, I really don’t mind that it’s there.

I’ve heard talk of some developers going so far as to abandon Steam because their game might get buried under that shovelware, just as it may have on other digital platforms in the past. It’s like they’re all trying to find a final escape from the shovelware, one that might not exist. Continue reading

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Have I Gone All-Digital Already?


In these past couple weeks it finally hit me how far I’ve gone down the all-digital path with video games.

Not to be specific, but I’ve been in a situation where I had to re-stack all my games into a closet where I couldn’t immediately access them… and it didn’t affect my daily life at all because everything I’m playing at the moment is on Steam. I never thought of myself as having gone all-digital with video games until now, and I’ve probably been this way for around six or seven years. Continue reading

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The Apple Watch’s Usefulness And Why I Still Wear A Watch


I didn’t actually watch Apple’s keynote but I just spent the last few minutes pouring over the official feature page for the Apple Watch. I gotta be straight here: I really can imagine a dimension where I own one and it has a tangible effect on my life. This is coming from someone who actually still wears a watch however.

Maybe this might start to highlight some differences between myself and a lot of other people I see use portable tech. I have to go into why I even still wear watches (it isn’t as jewelry). For starters, Apple seems to have nailed what iOS functions I would want to have on my wrist. Continue reading

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Wolfenstein The Old Blood: Have Publishers Finally Figured Out DLC?


For some reason my favorite announcement during GDC 2015 has been the new DLC packs for Wolfenstein: the New Order called The Old Blood. The fact that I’m hotly anticipating a piece of DLC as one of my main purchases of May tells me something has changed.

It’s been going on for at least a couple years now, but I think we’re turning a corner in regards to how publishers and developers handle DLC. The annoying stuff is still there, but I’m noticing a lot more valuable DLC these days as well. Continue reading

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