Do We Need To Rethink Solo Offline Game Modes?


With Overwatch now out, the forward march of $60 games with only multiplayer continues. On the one hand, I don’t think every shooter should be forced to have a campaign with a story. On the other, I also think games like this ignore a lot of people who could potentially enjoy these games but don’t care about player versus player gameplay. Continue reading

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Living Room PC Interfaces (Continued)


A few months after extolling the virtues of the Steam Controller more than once, I find myself seriously considering Corsair’s Lapdog lapboard for using a keyboard and mouse on a couch. It looks like I’m still on a quest to find the optimal living room PC human interface. Continue reading

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Are Expansion Packs Finally Making A Comeback?


Another reason this May-June 2016 period is looking pretty cool is because multiple sizable expansion packs are coming out for games. I’m already in the middle of Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion while anticipating The Witcher 3’s Blood and Wine expansion. If there aren’t any more delays there’s also the Apex expansion for ArmA III I mentioned last time. One would think true expansion packs are starting to make a comeback after the era of little DLC packages, but it still really depends on the kind of game and publisher. Continue reading

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How I Feel About The “Most Anticipated Games” of 2016 — Halfway Through The Year


We’re almost halfway into 2016 and taking a look at the lineups of late May and all of June I also took a look back at what I wrote back at the end of January. In terms of big releases I’m not sure this year is going to be as good as 2015 was but it’s still going to be better than 2014 or 2013. We’re out of the AAA slump as developers have eased into the existing hardware. I’m still in hype mode for almost nothing though. Continue reading

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Did We Reach Peak “Git Gud”?

I was taught to avoid cliches and oft-used phrases like this but I’m afraid I couldn’t resist this time. The point is, we seem to be at a boiling point when it comes to telling people to “git gud” at video games. A new Dark Souls came out which predictably frustrated a lot of people, that Polygon video where a player had serious problems playing DOOM went up, and Rock Paper Shotgun put out a pretty good response to all this. The two main issues this dredges up from what I can see are the handling of game reviews and how much skill factors into video games these days. Continue reading

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My Investigation Of Langrisser


I’ve been writing just a little bit about 3DS tactical RPGs on this blog, and a few weeks ago I thought Langrisser Re:Incarnation looked like another fairly interesting one, so I put it on my GameFly que and it just came in. I played a few hours and basically nobody seems to have talked about it in the month since its release. I knew nothing about the game or the franchise before putting it in my 3DS. Continue reading

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Why Is EA Offering Free Trials For Its Big Games?


Apparently if you bother to check Electronic Arts’ Origin client or web site there’s a section with free trials for many of its recent major releases. What it seems to be doing is basically just as good as a demo, but I’m wondering if it’s just good sense for today’s emerging era of games-as-a-service. Continue reading

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Game Developer vs User


This Editorial from PC Gamer’s Tom Francis is the exact subject I’ve probably complained about many times on this blog. What gives it more value to me and makes it worth commenting on here though is the fact that a game developer actually responded, which opens up a whole other discussion about how mainstream games are being designed and who they’re being designed for. Continue reading

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A Change In Setting Isn’t Enough To Reinvigorate Military Shooters


I’ve read very little about the newly announced Battlefield 1. Everyone seems to be interested in the switch in setting to World War I, but honestly, nothing has convinced me yet that it’s going to be anything other than the same standard military first person shooter we’ve been getting for years and years now. Actually, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has a chance to be the more mechanically interesting game. This isn’t an endorsement or criticism of either game, I don’t think I’m going to play either of them this year. I just want to say I don’t think swapping settings will automatically make a military shooter more interesting. Continue reading

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Space Engine Exploration Journal Part Two


I think I found something else in Space Engine that’s worth showing off right away. It’s not one object, but one of the neatest systems I’ve seen so far. It contains an object with probably the highest Earth Similarity Index I’ve seen so far in this procedural generated universe. Continue reading

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