Why Did I Just Buy a DS Lite?

This entire post is gonna be something of an admission that I’ve been wrong when it comes to the perceived value I’ve placed on Nintendo’s various handhelds.  I can’t be the only one though who has backpedaled to an older version of a hardware.

Just a few days ago I broke down and bought another DS Lite a few years after selling my original one, and only a few months after buying a 3DS.  Oh I still own my 3DS and still have games to play on it, but playing original DS games on it showed me just how much I missed the Lite.

If any of you have played a DS game on a 3DS, you know how bad the upscaling is and how blurry the games look.  That may have been a final straw that pushed me over the edge, but it was really a long process and an admission that I made a mistake back in 2009.

I traded in my DS Lite for a DSi and Rhythm Heaven on day one back in 09, and the only thing I got out of it was downloadable games, of which I only owned two before transferring them to my 3DS.  I believed in the DSi at the time because the DS was in some ways the best platform of this generation, and it was finally getting a proper OS and digital distribution infrastructure.  The model just didn’t have enough time of its own before the 3DS came out.

When I started talking about how much I missed the Lite, people suggested I just get a DSi XL, but I stuck with the Lite for various reasons – mainly cosmetics really.

Cosmetically, the DS Lite is still my favorite model of the DS.  It might even be my favorite Nintendo handheld design save possibly the Game Boy Advance SP.  I remember the day I traded in my original DS, bought the Lite for something like $40, and opened it up.  I liked every improvement Nintendo had made.

Mainly, I loved what Nintendo had done with the D pad and face buttons.  The DS Lite actually has my favorite D pad and buttons of any interface this generation.  For me that’s a big deal that makes a tangible difference in every game I play.  The D pad was a big reason why I enjoyed Mario Kart DS so much, and the way the buttons are raised quite high but are still relatively flat achieved a balance I haven’t seen anywhere else.

That’s on top of the gloss finish and raised power and volume sliders.  I don’t think Nintendo, or Sony for that matter, has topped this design since.

I further justified re-buying the Lite because I have so many unfinished DS games, and a lot of them are long RPGs.  I figure if I’m going to be spending a lot more time playing DS games, I may as well play them on a model that has better buttons and no sacrifice in image quality.

Strangely enough you don’t hear people talking about this in regards to the PlayStation Vita.  In fact there it’s kind of the opposite.  The way PSP games actually look better on the Vita certainly makes sticking with the upgrade attractive, but what’s surprised me is how many people who never owned a PSP seem interested in the Vita.

People are asking for lists of the best PSP RPGs and things like that to play on their Vitas.  I don’t remember anyone asking things like that upon buying a 3DS.  The 3DS not attracting as many new players?


  • 3DS owners, a demo for Crush 3D is now available on the eShop.  Please check it out.
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One thought on “Why Did I Just Buy a DS Lite?

  1. Hector says:

    nintendo wii is literally eleven factors in the legislation lmao

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