In Defense of DLC


Y’know, despite having my own share of disappointments with the concept of DLC, I mostly don’t mind all this day-one DLC crap going on with Mass Effect 3 or most other games. I guess it depends on perception, but I’ve never really agreed with the most popular complaints on the issue.

Since the beginning of this console generation I’ve heard people complaining about how now you buy a game incomplete and must pay for DLC on order to finish it. Honestly, no DLC I’ve bought has felt like it “completed” an incomplete game. On-disc DLC is definitely a load of crap, but everything else I’ve experienced has served a valid purpose I think – as extra content on top of a complete game.

Let me tell you, the “From Ashes” DLC for Mass Effect 3 doesn’t affect the main story a whole lot at all. It adds one very interesting character and some additional exposition of the lore, but that’s it. I felt like I could have finished the game without it and felt like I got a complete experience.

It’s like special edition content really. And are all those retailer-specific guns and costumes really missing pieces to your game? I’ve downloaded a lot of those things (often off of used copies that still had the codes in the boxes) and they have never had much of any effect on my game.

I’ll admit that I haven’t bought a whole lot of DLC this generation because I only do so when it feels really substantial. All of the Fallout DLC for instance feels like extra stories in that world. “Lair of the Shadow Broker” for Mass Effect 2 was an excellent side story with a lot of worthwhile extra exposition. Even “Kasumi: Stolen Memory” offered really useful tactical tools for players of a certain class. I even bought the Gears of War 3 Season Pass (on sale… after buying the full game for only around $7 on day one) because of how invested I was in Horde Mode.

Ideally, it should be about how much you care for a certain product. BioWare wanted to offer extra stuff for people who felt invested enough to pay $80 for ME3 instead of $60, and apparently a lot of people are.


  • After finishing ME3 I think I’m ready to focus on my movies-and-TV Pile of Shame for a while.
  • @RedSwirl: Whoah. Castlevania The Adventure hitting the 3DS eShop: played that before?
  • This is the best ending to ME3 (no spoilers).
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