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Now that I’ve finished Mass Effect 3 and don’t really wanna talk about the ending, I think I’ve finally found a pretty good chunk of the year to devote to cutting down my ridiculous backlog. Or maybe I’ve just found the will to stop caring about every game of moderate note that comes out.

I mean, there’s a little coming out in Q2 2012: Ninja Gaiden III, Armored Core V, Kid Icarus Uprising, Xenoblade, etc. I don’t see anything however big enough for me to stop what I’m doing coming along until around September. It would probably take a five-year video game industry crash to give me the time to completely clear my backlog, but I’ll do what I can.

Well, there’s one new game I’ll end up playing right now – Journey. I haven’t been able to play more than a few minutes of the game, but it’s looking like exactly my kind of thing. I can dig into it now though because it’s small and digestible. That’s what I’m gonna start with on this backlog.

Right now for me that mostly means XBLA games since I wanna do stuff on a console for a while. My Xbox actually holds the smallest portion of my backlog: pretty much just Shadow Complex and Stacking.

Thinking of that though just reminded me how thick my iOS backlog has gotten. It’s almost as bad as Steam sales really – so many games made so affordable at once. I think I have like three folders of games on my iPhone home screen now and I don’t think I’ve seen the credits roll for a single one of them.

Aside from the small games I plan to finally commit to some “background” games. Y’know, the kind of games you play for two hours a week for four years. Getting the chance to play some Soul Calibur V at the ME3 midnight launch convinced me I need to maintain the skills. I’ve also been waiting for the chance to more fully invest in Gears of War 3’s horde mode since I bought the game’s season pass entirely for that mode. Diablo III’s release date has also convinced me to get started on Torchlight, of which I’ve played less than an hour since it came out.


  • Man, Sonic Triple Troublevia still a great game after 18 years. It really is one of the better Sonic games from the classic days. Definitely worth $5.
  • Seeing 1up further deteriorate is just sad. With Matt and Scooter gone I think TFrog and Tina are the last original guys left.
  • Kojima is in DC this weekend, roughly 30 minutes away from where I live, and I’ve got a flat tire.
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