Back to the Backlog Part Two

Back in March I talked about finally starting to cut down my massive backlog, and while I did take care of a few games, the last couple months have only been a slightly sparse pocket before the vast desert that will be the summer of 2012. There I’m already planning to cut down a few of my backlog’s rather large commitments.

For me this whole thing is actually kinda starting right now. The only two game releases of May that I’m more than mildly interested in are Diablo III and Max Payne 3 and I don’t know when (if) I’ll buy either.

In June there is really only Lollipop Chainsaw and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier if you care a lot about those games. The only thing on my radar for July is The Last Story which I hear is relatively short for an RPG. I consider New Super Mario Bros. 2 to be the official end of the 2012 summer gaming drought.

The one new game I’m playing right now that I really hope doesn’t slip into my backlog is Xenoblade, but I’m only six hours in and other games are already starting to push it out of the way on my schedule. Just how big is Xenoblade anyway?! I’m still doing quests in and around the first town and people tell me that’s the smallest populated area in the game!

For a roadtrip I decided to break out my GBA copy of Final Fantasy IV which I seem to be close to finishing for the first time so I can finally get to my unplayed copies of V and VI, and then maybe VII.

See, the worst part of this whole thing is that I don’t even really have a plan here – at least not one to take care of a backlog of 170-plus games. One plan I have in my head is to take on one genre per year. Perhaps this summer I could start to get through my unfinished RPGs: Final Fantasy games IV through VII, Dragon Quest IX, Radiant Historia, Skyrim, Fallout: New Vegas, Chrono Trigger, all four Phantasy Star games, and Tales of the Abyss. …Yeah.

Anyway, when I plug it all into The Backloggery, it splits things up by console which makes me feel like I could actually do this thing if I focused on one platform at a time.

If anyone else has a plan for getting through backlogs that number in the hundreds of games I’d like to hear it. Selling consoles will only get me so far because literally half of my backlog is digital PC games.



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