The Last Demon’s Souls

In case you don’t know, next week will be the last time you’ll be able to play Demon’s Souls while connected to its servers in North America. I decided to go ahead and finish the game and I’m still trying to decide if it’s the best RPG I’ve played this generation.

The party line about this game is that “it’s hard”. People say that those who play it simply play it to have beaten it. I’ll admit that Demon’s Souls is probably the only current generation game that I’ve gotten a sense of accomplishment out of finishing, but I think that simple aspect is missing part of the point.

I read a post once on a message board talking about this game that said something like “Demon’s Souls is what I imagined RPGs would be like in the future when I was a kid”. If anyone still has not tried out this or Dark Souls, the simplest way I can described the games is that they feel like PC dungeon crawlers from the 1980’s running on today’s graphics and control systems. They force you to use your brain, and give you the feeling that anything is possible within their worlds – giving you room to discover your own way to beat the game or screw up.

That’s the main reason why the fans of these games love them so much – they represent the way RPGs used to be made, but they don’t feel old fashioned or outdated. That’s also probably why there was such strong demand for a PC version of Dark Souls.

I won’t go into too much in this post since much has already been said in the three years since Demon’s Souls came out, but despite the servers going down and all the adversity I went through in my 50 hours beating Demon’s Souls, I definitely feel the urge to go through with a New Game+ (which equates to hard mode if you don’t know). With the servers down, hints will no longer appear on the ground and you won’t be able to join other players. On the upside I already know most everything tips could tell me, and I no longer have to worry about people invading my session. Those who still have yet to play the game should feel no shame in buying a guide or looking up the Wiki.

Looking back, Demon’s Souls is probably one of the only games I’ve played in a while that feels truly complete in that everything in the game felt like it needed to be there. I feel like it is 100% the vision that From Software imagined when developing the game, and other than more intense technical graphics, I don’t see any way they could have made this game better.


  • Somehow, I don’t really like it when developers start asking their fans how they want them to make their next game like what BioWare is doing for Dragon Age 3. Ever since DAII it’s just felt like they weren’t really developing their own game, but a game meant to please everybody, and that’s always almost come out boring.
  • PAYDAY: The Heist for PC is on sale at GameFly for $5 this weekend I believe. It’s Steamworks. I think you’ll be able to buy a four-pack for $15 on Amazon next week though.
  • Despite acquiring a Diablo III guest pass I can’t even download the client because Blizzard’s servers are down. Even if I decided to buy a disc copy there’s still error 37 and my internet problems keeping me from playing a $60 game’s singleplayer mode. I seriously hope Blizzard drops the always-online DRM for this game. I’d like to think it might take some of the load off of their servers. Incidentally, GameFly also has the first Torchlight on sale for $4. I feel like the lack of such DRM is gonna be an advertising bullet point for Torchlight II.
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