Microsoft to Focus on Apps at E3 While Sony Saves the Vita

I honestly don’t know much of what everyone else has been “predicting” or “dreaming” about for E3. I’d rather like to say that I’m “expecting” certain things, and even that is coming to me with neither optimism nor pessimism, at least when it comes to Microsoft and Sony.

Right now I’m fighting the urge to follow forums during each conference just to watch people’s shock and in some cases their disappointment with a morbid sense of curiosity. I just don’t see the point in hoping for their “dream announcements” or talk about what they think each company should show. I’m choosing to look at things from the perspective of what each company’s objectives seem to be right now, regardless of whether that’s what the gamers want.

People are probably worried sick that Microsoft is gonna spend another conference talking about Kinect. They got blindsided by Nintendo’s casual-oriented conferences in the past and the same thing is happening with Microsoft now. I’ll admit though that I hope they don’t spend too much time on Kinect. What I think a big portion of their show will be is apps.

Apps have been the one major change on the Xbox since last E3, and its transformed how people utilize the console. Oh we’ll get Halo 4, Black Ops II, probably that Fortnite game from Epic, Forza, and maybe another 3rd party “core” Xbox game, but after that I wouldn’t be surprised if they pinned things on major app announcements. To be honest it’s the one thing I’m really hoping for from Microsoft.

I honestly think it’d be great to have a box hooked up to my television with flexibility similar to today’s tablets, and I think it’s a viable future for Microsoft if they want to defend against Apple. For instance, I think we already know that Internet Explorer is eventually coming to Xbox, so that’ll probably be a thing at their conference. I think we can expect announcements of more video service and social network integration because those are the features that will come to full fruition on Microsoft’s next console.

I think Sony’s primary mission at this year’s conference will be to save the PlayStation Vita. I actually think we’re a little too slow to call the platform doomed – most new game platforms hit their stride during their first holiday season after launch, and Sony’s E3 conference should be the primer for that. What Vita killer app will make us want one this fall? On apps, one thing we might get here is an eBook strategy from Sony, and I think that’s a great idea for the Vita.

I hope Sony doesn’t spend all their Vita time talking about what PS3 games you’ll be able to also play on it. Sooner or later it’s gonna need an original hit, and it’s probably gonna be 3rd party. Well, a legit Vita Call of Duty could still be pretty big.

On the PS3 God of War Ascention and especially The Last of Us will be big deals, Quantic Dream’s next game too. I’m just hoping for a morsel of The Last Guardian. Just some new footage is all I want Sony… and a date. I haven’t lost hope on that one yet.

Oh, and I think both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that neither of them will talk about their next consoles at all this year.


  • This is patient zero man.
  • We’re getting digital re-releases of Tenchi Muyo in June.
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