Steam Summer Sale 2012 Total Damage

I think that for Steam veterans at least, the store’s infamous sales are starting to lose their effect. It seems that people buy games during Steam sales at a rate faster than that at which new games come out on Steam.

I’d like to say I came away relatively unscathed because most of the high-profile sales were for games I already owned. For someone new to Steam or PC gaming in general the summer sale was probably still a big deal. Everyone else is probably just glad their wallets got off easy this time around.

In all I probably spent less than $30 on only a handful of games, the biggest one probably being Darksiders for $5. I also finally caved and picked up Legend of Grimrock for which I wanted to wait for the iOS version. Along with Dark Messiah Might and Magic it might scratch my dungeon-crawling itch until Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition comes out.

One under-the-radar game I did manage to catch was Tobe’s Vertical Adventure – the PC version of an Xbox Live Indie platformer with loot mechanics. I also went ahead and picked up Universe Sandbox – not really a game but one of those curious toy-like computer programs you like to mess around with.

The only really oldschool things I got were Unreal Gold and Unreal II, neither of which I’ve played. I plan to one day go back and do some kind of oldschool FPS odyssey with those games and id’s back catalog. Finally, I decided to double dip in Hitman Blood Money. I own the PS2 version but it’d be nice to give it another run in HD so I’ll have a fresh perspective when Absolution comes out.

If anything got me mad during the sale, it was seeing games that I bought at previous sales but haven’t played yet on sale for prices lower than what I paid. It’s because of this that I held off on a few games like ArmA because I know that by the time I’d ever get to play them they’d be on sale at least one more time, possibly at an even lower price.

That brings me to forecasting what to expect from the winter sale. Not much that could go really low is actually coming out between now and then, not in terms of full-budget games anyway. I feel like one of the big winners will be Torchlight II. One game I really hope does well during the winter sale is Dark Souls. That feels like the kind of game that might get a lot of attention on Steam, and I hope that when Namco and From Software see that Steam sale cash it’ll convince them to keep developing on PC.


  • You console gamers can get in a little bit this week too. Best Buy’s holding a sale with a few really nice deals. Assassin’s Creed Revelations is $10. The deals I really hope you catch though are Deus Ex Human Revolution for $10 and Sin & Punishment Star Successor for $5.
  • This is a very insightful analysis of Bayonetta:
  • Here we go with the American incentive to buy the digital version of New Super Mario Bros. 2. 100 Club Nintendo points is basically a free eShop game.
  • I am totally in the mood for the kind of game “Gone Home” claims to be:
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2 thoughts on “Steam Summer Sale 2012 Total Damage

  1. You should see the damage I had. I got…
    The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb (got the original game through one of those Humble Indie Bundles)
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition with all DLC
    Ridge Racer Unbounded with all DLC
    The FEAR trilogy
    Dreamkiller (it looked interesting)
    The Sims 3
    The Sims 3 Showtime: Katy Perry Collectors Edition (don’t judge me)
    Binary Domain with all DLC
    PixelJunk Eden with soundtrack
    The paid DLC for Super Monday Night Combat
    Total damage: about $115

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