The Real Start of Fall 2012

Based on what we know right now, August might actually be the busiest month for game releases this fall for me. The game releases for this month have started and already I have to cut back for purely financial reasons. Being unemployed during the fall gaming season is gonna be tough.

I’ve decided to simply rent Persona 4 Arena and then see if I really do need to buy the game. Every video I see of it is so beautiful it makes me wish more high definition 2D sprite-based action games were being made. I even recently succeeded in finishing up Persona 4 before checking out Arena.

Like all the games I’m looking at this month though, I actually don’t know a whole lot about P4A. I know it’s from the BlazBlue people (I think) and that there’s some kind of 40-hour visual novel mode. To be honest there have been some fighting games that I’ve wanted to jump into but haven’t for fear of time investment. King of Fighters XIII just became available digitally, at the best currently available price, and on a tide of newfound popularity after the EVO finals. I was also genuinely impressed looking at Skullgirls at Otakon this year. Oh, and there’s Virtual Fighter 5 Final Showdown.

Just a week apart from P4A is The Last Story – one of those Wii RPGs that I probably should support just for all that it took to get it released in North America. Once again, I haven’t kept abreast of all the info available on the game despite abundant reviews of the Japanese and UK versions. I know it has pretty art and is from Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Actually, I was still only able to get about six hours in on Xenoblade but still want to finish it this year. I heard that Last Story was much shorter so it might be better to finish that game first. Unfortunately I might have to finish it completely off of a rental copy.

If I can afford one game this month, it will be New Super Mario Bros. 2. Probably. There isn’t really much to “not know” about a new 2D Mario game which is why I’ve laid off the media and info for this game. I’m actually more interested in what this game could do for the 3DS sales-wise than the game itself.

My main problem with NSMB2 though is that I still just plain suck at 2D Mario games. I have yet to finish a single one. The eighth world of the original NSMB is the closest I’ve ever gotten and I’ve kinda hit a brick wall there too. I thought about going through a bunch of them like Super Mario Bros. 3 and World this summer in order to train myself but never got around to it. I rented New Super Mario Bros. Wii some time ago but gave up after dying repeatedly in the second world.

Lastly there is Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition – the PC port of the game. I know the most about the base game because I already own the Xbox 360 version, but this is one title about which the fans are pretty worried from a lack of information. Not about new content, but about basic PC functionality and the porting process the game has gone through.

First people were worried about a locked resolution and framerate but those concerns have been mostly debunked. What we’re worried about now is just how well optimized the game is, being literally From Software’s first PC project. I don’t even know if my computer will be able to run it, not from a pure power concern, but from an optimization issue.

The system requirements say the game needs at least a 3GHz CPU to run, but even the most demanding PC games today are optimized to run on processors well below that clock speed because of architecture more efficient than what’s in consoles. If Dark Souls hasn’t gone through the same optimization (and it’s possible that it hasn’t), my system that can run The Witcher 2 and Crysis 2 – far more technically demanding games, might not run it.

For now the actual fall months look kind of light based on what I plan to buy. What’s really messed-up is that I might not even buy any console games after August this year. It might literally be nothing but PC and 3DS games unless I decide to get a Wii U.


  • Well hey, looks like that Scott Pilgrim game will finally have online multiplayer.
  • We’ve been talking about game consoles becoming multimedia set top boxes for a little bit now, but apparently Ralph Baer thought this up back in 1973:
  • About time Microsoft started to flex the infrastructure they possessed and gave Solitaire achievements.
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3 thoughts on “The Real Start of Fall 2012

  1. My fall doesn’t start until Need for Speed: Most Wanted comes out. Burnout Paradise 2 with real cars? Yes, please.

    I will finish Forza 4 eventually, though. I had the game for a year and I’m less than 10 percent complete in single player. And there’s my Steam backlog, now that I have a computer that can run some games.

  2. Patrick Molloy says:

    I have no big fall game plans either… Summer games like KH 3D and Darksiders 2 will do plenty to keep me occupied.

  3. Patrick says:

    P4 Arena is amazing. You NEED this game.

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