Steam Greenlight Games I Think Are Worth Voting For

Before I say anything about Steam Greenlight, I think I should note possibly the most important thing about it is how rapidly Valve has updated it since launch. No matter what you think of its current iteration, you have to admit that very few storefront services have been able to visibly fix problems with that kind of speed.

It’s really indicative of why Steam has stayed ahead of the curve in the world of gaming digital distribution networks. Because Greenlight is trying something almost completely new there are indeed issues at hand. A big thing we need to remember though is that it’s already brought some really nice-looking games to the forefront. That’s what proves that Greenlight is already working.

I actually haven’t upvoted and favorited very many games Greenlight. For the most part I looked for games that already had very descriptive write-ups and most importantly – alpha footage proving that the developers actually had something up and running. Discoverability remains a problem though, so if you’re voting games on Greenlight, here are a few that I definitely think are worthwile.


A popular trend on Greenlight seems to be resurrecting dead genres, in this case space flight simulators. Dawnstar seems to be a space flight RPG with a crime drama storyline – and the developers say that it’s ready to release within the month.

The most polarizing thing about Dawnstar so far seems to be the choice of music for the game – straight-up jazz. Conventionally it might seem a bit unfitting for sci-fi but that’s probably them trying to push the crime drama angle. If you ask me they’re trying to be evocative of Cowboy Bebop which I consider to be a very good thing if they can pull it off.


Inquisitor is already available on GoodOldGames for $15 and was released for its native Czech Republic audience some time ago, only recently having been released in English. It’s basically an isometric Diablo/Baldur’s Gate-style CRPG. From the videos all the way down to the proposed special edition, Inquisitor looks like one of the most professionally-made games on Greenlight.

Project Black Sun

This one is actually already available on a few other indie game services, just not Steam yet. It’s a sidescroller of the Metroid and Castlevania persuasion that seems to be survival-based.  A trend among indie games has been intentionally oldschool pixilated graphics but Black Sun seems to be one of the games that knows the importance of good art direction when you do this. The game also seems to have gained a reputation for its difficulty. A demo is already available on the developer’s website.


NeoTokyo actually came out in 2009 and is still free at the game’s official website. It’s also actually a Source mod, though it only requires you to download the free 2007 Source SDK through Steam. The problem is that it never really received the attention it deserved post-launch. I personally think it was because people had forgotten about it after its initial reveal something like four years before launch. For whatever reason, there are usually only maybe a dozen people on the face of the earth playing the game at any given time. I want this game to succeed and get a listing on Steam, if for no other reason than to get more people to notice and play it.

I still haven’t gotten the chance to play Counter-Strike but I’ve heard people compare NT to that game. If that’s true, then you could probably call it CS-meets-Ghost in the Shell. Multiplayer objective based modes, high lethality, no respawn until the round is over, stealth cloaks, cyberbrains, stuff like that. It’s the only shooter I’ve played where manually reloading actually discards leftover bullets. That’s how hardcore it is.


Routine seems to have already become one of the main stars of Steam Greenlight, and deservedly so. Definitely one of the most impressive and professional-looking games on Greenlight. Everyone seems to be pulling for it.

Essentially it’s a survival horror on a space ship. Not like Dead Space where you just shoot everything in the dark. More like no weapons, no health packs, you have to run and hide from enemies, and death is permanent. To me it sounds like Amnesia the Dark Descent in space.

Other Games I Upvoted:

Interstellar Marines
Eador: Masters of the Broken World
Tower of the Gorillion
Tales of Illyria
Castle in the Darkness
Loren the Amazon Princess

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