What Else Came out This Week: Code of Princess

Everyone I know picking up new games this week is pretty much deciding between Dishonored and XCOM – two new entries in franchises and/or genres people are happy to see make a comeback. Even though I haven’t played it yet, I’d like to draw a little attention to one of fall 2012’s first hidden gems.

The first time I saw a piece of artwork for Code of Princess for the 3DS displaying its protagonist – a princess wearing so little metal clothing as to border on a parody of females in fantasy settings, I pretty much passed it off as typical of modern anime tropes. When you think about it it’s kind of similar to Bayonetta – sexually exploitative in a way typical of otaku culture at face value, but actually quite appealing once you get a look at any actual gameplay footage.

Sega Saturn fans will probably see shades of Guardian Heroes in that footage and that’s because Code of Princess is basically a spiritual sequel to that game. You can really almost consider it a Treasure game, its design being headed up by two former Treasure members who worked on Guardian Heroes, Gunstar Heroes, Sin & Punishment, and Mischief Makers. Completing the name pedigree is character designer Kinu Nishimura (Street Fighter III).

If you’ve never played Guardian Heroes or any other Treasure game, that studio is sort of considered to be a big deal in classic genres like beat-em-ups and shoot-em-ups. Code of Princess is the former – a hack n’ slash sidescroller with pretty deep RPG elements, a range of playable characters (so you don’t actually have to play as the scantily-clad princess), and four-player online multiplayer.

From what I can tell, at the very least the game seems to be a lot more dense than your typical hack n’ slash. Apparently, the US release has even had extensive tweaks and balance changes from the original Japanese edition which should feel new for people who imported the game.

Basically, all the signs are pointing to this game being a surefire choice for those looking for some oldschool arcade action with a little bit of depth added. In my case it’s also the first really appealing non-Nintendo game to show up on the 3DS as well as the beginning of the system’s stealth domination this fall.


  • “The Men Who Made Dark Souls Whole,” the story on the two guys who did what FromSoftware couldn’t on the PC. http://flpbd.it/DwrtQ 
  • Gamasutra does a nice job explaining the Japan situation… http://flpbd.it/t1Jlg 
  • The original script for Promethius: http://t.co/6qeDXmlH
  • Here lies basically what should’ve been included in Resident Evil 6’s tutorial: http://t.co/1gfRgSTc
  • I didn’t believe people when they said the pop culture references in Borderlands 2 were overbearing, but man, this game even has a Sunset Riders reference.
  • The rules of strategy guides: how Prima Games pissed off Square & why it killed Harry Potter http://pocket.co/sIBS9 
  • Towards the bottom of this interview, Yuzo Koshiro kind of confirmed a sequel to his Xbox Live Indie game Protect Me Knight, but news never really caught on: http://t.co/1sIkJl9g
  • Angry Birds Star Wars might be the best Star Wars game this console generation.  Think about that.
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