What Will it Take For Me to Spend $40 on DOOM 3?

When I rent DOOM 3 BFG Edition next week I will be going into the game pretty much blind, this being my first experience with any version of DOOM 3, but everything I’ve heard about the game hangs uncertainty around the new package. I wonder if it can provide the same kind of action that id Software is known for.

Usually when they charge $40 for an upgraded collection of old games these days it’s for two or more games that came out between six and ten years ago. BFG Edition is an enhancement of a relatively more recent game packaged with two other games that are nearly 20 years old. The package immediately looks good if you want the whole DOOM experience and don’t own any of the games yet. Otherwise I don’t know.

I myself already own all the other DOOM games and have sufficiently enhanced them through mods. Plus, the first two DOOM games are already available on Xbox Live Arcade. To BFG Edition’s credit, this will be the first time any DOOM game is released on the PS3 and only the second time DOOM II is released on any console. It’ll at least be nice playing four-player splitscreen in the classic games at a blistering 60 frames per second and in 1080p.

An enhanced DOOM 3 get’s iffy on the PC side though. The base game is $20 and has been enhanced with mods to the point where it arguably looks better than RAGE. The gold editions including the content that will be on BFG range between $25 and $35. Hopefully id has enhanced the game’s graphics and sound to a point far beyond what any mod can do, and of course there’s that new singleplayer content. From the screenshots I’ve seen though it still looks like an idTech 4 game.

All I really know about DOOM 3 itself is that it was apparently more horror-focused than the previous games, was one of the first real showcases for dynamic lighting in its day, and according to at least one person “forgot that it wasn’t System Shock.”

For me to really get pulled into DOOM 3 it will have to have the same silky smooth gun controls and slick combat that convinced me to buy RAGE. A console rental though might be hard-pressed to do that since I hear the console versions will run at 30 frames per second. According to carmack that’s the difference between how RAGE pushed itTech 5 (it ran at 60 on consoles) and how DOOM 3 pushed idTech 4. The mods for the latter game prove this I guess.

Edit: Someone else actually confirmed that BFG Edition will run at 60fps on consoles.


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