The 2012 Anime Blizzard

I’m gonna switch gears and talk about anime here because this fall is becoming a pretty nice season for English speaking consumers of it in high definition.

I’ve bought almost no new release anime on video over the last few years because frankly, little of it has commanded my dollars. A lot of people may go for moe but I for one won’t follow that trend, and I’m honestly tired of Shonen anime too. Even all of the stuff I’m about to list that’s coming out this month is mostly classic anime that’s coming out on Blu-Ray in North America for the first time. Oh a lot of this stuff has been available in Japan for some time, some of it even with English tracks included, but the prices have always been ungodly.

Still, the sheer volume of anime on Blu-Ray I actually want to buy this fall makes up one of the most staggering release schedules I’ve ever seen. I’m only listing what’s coming out in November 2012 but even that feels denser than the month’s game release calendar.

This Blu-Ray DVD combo pack came out this week. It’s also one of the many studio Ghibli movies I still haven’t seen. I’ve been waiting for them all to come out on Blu-Ray so I can go on some massive HD odyssey, but we’re still a pretty long way from the whole catalog making it. A remastered Blu-Ray comes out on the 20th.

Fireflies isn’t even the only Ghibli movie hitting Blu-Ray this week. I also haven’t seen Totoro and know less about it than I know of Fireflies. At this point a part of me is staying blind on all these movies so I can be wowed when I finally can afford to buy all the Blu-Rays. Hopefully Princess Mononoke is next up on the block.

Black Lagoon has been one of the few relatively recent anime franchises to gain my attention with the absolutely vulgar nature of its action scenes. Around the time I first saw this it had just been a really long time since I’d seen an anime gunfight, and this show definitely delivered on that. The set hitting stores this week includes the first two seasons on Blu-Ray and DVD, but I’m still waiting on a dub for Roberta’s Blood Trail.

The other recent great action anime. The first set containing the already-released-in-English episodes 1-4 came out on Blu-Ray in October. This week the dub finally just about catches up with the Japanese releases in one swoop. Four new episodes in one is an absolutely tantalizing end to a multi-year hiatus for the series’ dubs. I still need to finish the manga though.

Another classic series that also came out this week. It’ll be weird watching Lain in 2012 though. The show is about the near future of social interaction through computers, but was written more than a decade ago in a pre-facebook world. It’ll be interesting to see how much of today’s internet the show predicted. It’s also just a really good psychological thriller. I hear this is based off of the Japanese Blu-Ray set which got a lot of praise for its quality.

Almost the only Shonen anime to keep my interest these days with its unique setting and hard-hitting character development. To be honest I didn’t even know Brotherhood had an OVA miniseries before typing this. The whole thing has caught me off-guard. I haven’t even gotten the chance to see the Sacred Star of Milos movie yet. The OVA comes out on Blu-Ray on the 18th.

I personally wasn’t a huge fan of Bakemonogatari – I think it was an alright show, but a lot of people seem to love it. I have to admit it’s an interestingly modernized take on urban low fantasy that manages to stand out from even most other anime. This comes out on the 20th but still only with subtitles.

At this point I’m just watching the concluding episodes of InuYasha as a sort of obligation to finish what I started so many years ago on Adult Swim. It would’ve been great if the revived Toonami could pick up the dub to reinvigorate the network with new episodes of one its old hits. This also comes out on the 20th.

Tell the truth: you were way too young to be watching this movie the first time you saw it. That’s probably one of the reasons American anime fans consider it a classic action piece today. It epitomizes everything that we thought separated mature anime from kid’s cartoons in the 90’s – artful fight scenes, gallons of blood, and titties all over the place. It’s even getting a Blu-Ray steelbook on the 26th.

We’ve been waiting for a new Berserk anime for a long time. Sure this is just a retelling of what the original series already covered, but the fact that they’re going all the way in a big production like this still gets me hyped for the property. Coming out on the 27th, this is the first of a trilogy and the Japanese releases are already way ahead.

I’m not gonna be able to afford all this stuff for ages, and again, this is just November. Plenty already came out in October and more may be coming in December. On the horizon, Michiko to Hatchin finally makes its official English debut in 2013, and next year Cowboy Bebop finally comes to Blu-Ray in Japan.


  • This is the first time I’ve been visually impressed with New Super Mario Bros. U  I actually want to buy this game now, but I haven’t felt that fatigue with the franchise like a lot of other people because I’ve still only played the Nintendo DS original.
  • Now I got Dropbox, iCloud, AND Google Drive. Guess I can’t have too many backups.
  • Darksiders II is on Steam’s Midweek Madness for $17.
  • So the PlayStation Vita is getting an email app in its next update. Seems like Sony’s actually starting to think about making it a legit tablet competitor. I always thought it could be one with the right software. Now if it can just get eReader apps, RSS readers, and more video/browsing apps as well as some proper non-gaming advertising it might be in good shape.
  • TI-84 calculators are finally getting color screens it seems:
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