My Growing 3DS Backlog

UGnmoPFThe latest Nintendo Direct has certainly gotten people excited about the 3DS’s lineup for 2013, but honestly the system was already looking fantastic for the foreseeable future before the latest announcements. I was already having trouble managing my 3DS backlog.

The backlog of 3DS games I eventually plan to buy has almost gotten unmanageable. Right now I actually only own something like four physical 3DS games, none of which came out in 2013. There are games that came out last year for the 3DS that I haven’t gotten around to buying yet because I don’t want to buy too many games and end up not playing them for months or years like I have with Steam.

I still haven’t bought New Super Mario Bros. 2 for instance. Other games from 2012 I left behind include Code of Princess, Professor Layton, and Harvest Moon. I only recently bought Paper Mario Sticker Star because it was on sale.

The main retail game that’s holding me back right now is Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, which I bought back in October and for some reason haven’t found the time to finish. Never mind this year’s games so far like Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Etrian Odyssey IV, Soul Hackers, and Monster Hunter.

Oh, and I am seriously behind on the 3DS’s eShop games too. For some reason I’ve actually been spending most of my time with the 3DS playing the smaller, eShop-exclusive games, including Game Boy Virtual Console games. For some reason I can’t seem to finish those either.

Pushmo and Crashmo have been two of my favorite handheld games of the last couple years, but other games kept getting in the way of me finishing either of them. That and the puzzles have become ridiculously difficult. I think Crimson Shroud is actually the only 3DS eShop game I’ve completed so far, that and Ikachan, both being pretty short.  This is why I’m holding off on HarmoKnight for now despite having been really excited for it prior to release.

And people complain about the slow trickle of Virtual Console games on the 3DS but honestly my hands are still full with those. Maybe it’s because this has been my first chance to play games like Donkey Kong, Mole Mania, and Metroid II, but those old games are sucking just as much time out of me as any brand new release would, and I got some of those games for free. Oh, and there are other 3DS Virtual Console games that I intend to buy, like, say, both Wario Land games that are currently available, neither of which I’ve ever played.

When I built up my backlog of original DS games (which still stands), it was mostly long RPGs into which I couldn’t find the time to pour 40 hours. With the 3DS it’s just regular games because there are too many coming out. Fall 2013 is going to be a bloodbath of unplayed gems for me.


  • Apparently due to the impending end to the Tim Langdell patent war, Mobigame is having a 50 percent off sale on all versions of EDGE (iOS, Android, PC, Mac and PSN I think). Here’s a link to the game on Steam:
  • Feature Excerpt: The final, terrifying days of launching Ridiculous Fishing 
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2 thoughts on “My Growing 3DS Backlog

  1. L. Palmer says:

    That’s the trouble with video games: so many good things, so little time.

  2. volvocrusher says:

    3DS is possibly shaping up to be the best system this year. A great mix of quality, quantity, and variety.

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