The Fall Games Rush… for PC & Indie Games


We’re all anticipating fall rush of all the year’s big budget games coming out at the same time, but what’s catching me off guard is the rush of indie and PC games starting right now.

One look at Steam’s “New Releases” and “Coming Soon” list for August and September reveals a whole mess of games that are getting media attention in the indie and PC sector, or at least way too many games I want to play.

I saw some people talking about this online when Papers Please along with the PC versions of Spelunky and Guacamelee came out in basically the first week of August. And then Gone Home — a game I’ve been keeping an eye on since last year, all of a sudden announces a release date and comes out within a month.

That seems to be a trend with indie games on PC — you get a release date out of nowhere with only a month’s notice. The most prominent example as of this writing is probably Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. Now I gotta scrape together the guts to finally finish The Dark Descent. And then I find out Vlambeer has a new game coming out and it’ll arrive on Steam Early Access in September. Betrayer is another Steam Early Access game that snuck up on me.

Other interesting stuff coming out pretty soon includes Legend of Dungeon and Divekick along with further PC ports like Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+, Skullgirls, and The King of Fighters XIII. If you wanna throw in some bigger PC games, Europa Universalis IV just came out and Total War Rome II comes out in the beginning of September.

I guess what’s better about this fall rush of smaller games is that none of them are $60 (save Rome II). There’s a slight chance I may actually be able to afford them all. It’s just a matter of having the time to play them.

If all this stuff wasn’t coming out within August and September I’d say it was pretty dangerous for this many smaller releases to come out close to another absolutely stacked holiday season. Never mind two console launches, alongside Call of Duty you’ve got Battlefield 4, another Batman, another Assassin’s Creed, and Watch_Dogs. I think this is also the first time in several years we’ve new entries from several of the very top-selling franchises in the world come out in one fall: Call of Duty, Pokémon, Mario, Grand Theft Auto, and Gran Turismo.

To be honest I’m not extremely interested in most of what’s coming out in the big budget space this fall. I could easily spend the majority of this fall playing Amnesia, Spelunky, Gone Home, and Betrayer. Plus, all these games are coming out early enough in the fall that we’re probably gonna see a lot of ridiculous deals during the Steam sales in November and December.


  • Crazy Buffet 2 – #hellocoral by John Pading –
  • There’s an iOS version of Baroque? –
  • I just heard someone on GAF call the Baldur’s Gate games crappier versions of the Gold Box RPGs of the 80’s. Anyone heard of them? Usually CRPG gamers hold up Baldur’s Gate as the classic Dragon Age can’t live up to. I’ve never heard anyone out-hipster OG BioWare fans.
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One thought on “The Fall Games Rush… for PC & Indie Games

  1. You forgot about the Steam version of The Pinball Arcade. That should be out soon-ish, and if the PSN version is any indication, it’ll be the best thing ever.

    Well, it’ll be the best thing ever once this game becomes available for it.

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