The Real Takeaway From Apple’s Announcements


Whenever new Apple hardware get’s announced the big thing always seems to be how much faster it is. Maybe I’m different from most people, but Apple’s hardware alone has never excited me a whole lot.

I think a lot of people would agree the main selling point behind iPhones and iPads is iOS, but for me it’s almost the only reason I ever upgrade my mobile hardware.

The only thing that’s got me really interested from recent developments is the release date of iOS7, which will run on the iPhone 4 and iPad Mini I already own. Those devices are the second iPhone and second iPad I’ve ever owned respectively. I only upgraded from my 3G because of iOS4’s crippling performance on that device and because it didn’t receive iOS5. I only sold my iPad 1 when it ran iOS5 sluggishly and didn’t get iOS6. Aside from that, the performance of the hardware doesn’t really matter for me unless apps start coming out that don’t run on my model.

I know it’s a bit typical to say that the most important thing about hardware is what software it runs, but for me that’s often the only important thing. That’s why I don’t see the point in comparing tech specs of different phones. What I think needs to be compared between different phones more than anything else is what software runs on it. I feel the same about game consoles. On a closed hardware platform I think the hardware’s horsepower has less effect on software than what developers choose to do with that horsepower. This is also why I think other phone manufacturers’ attempts to advertise their hardware advantages over Apple are largely ineffective.

Maybe I’m just weird because I don’t use my phone’s camera nearly as much as most people probably do. I’ll probably never use the iSight features. For hardware to get me excited it has to be something so fresh that it drastically affects my experience with the software.

Before the announcement of the iPhone 5C and 5S, the only reason I was thinking about upgrading is because my 16GB iPhone 4 is running low on hard drive space. Now if I upgrade I’ll probably upgrade to a larger size 5S because of Touch ID — I’m tired of entering passwords all the time. Touch ID is probably the only hardware-oriented thing about the September conference that got my interest. But man would I have loved to be able to store all my music in a 120GB iPhone.

Anyway, the “hardware” thing that has me excited most for future Apple devices is iOS7’s official controller API, in hopes that developers will start patching physical controls into their games and that a great lineup of real physical controllers comes out of this.


  • Looks like Steam added trading cards to Duke Nukem 3D and the first Rome Total War.
  • Former BioWare and Riot Games developers form new studio.
  • Withcer 2 is $8 at GameStop. Unlocks through GameStop’s app, but the key should also get you a DRM-free GOG copy. –
  • Torchlight II half-off at GameStop. Steam key. –
  • Castle Vidcons: Comic #118- A Glorious Thing –
  • Finally some Witcher 2 arty screenshots –
  • Real life Minecraft?
  • Man. I still haven’t even touched Infinity Blade 2. iOS backlog man.
  • Xbox One infographic simplifies Microsoft’s next-gen messaging –
  • The 8800GT keeps truckin’ on –
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