Why I’m Keeping My PS3 For a While Longer


One question that invariably pops up with people start buying new consoles is whether or when you’re gonna toss your old ones. As someone with like nine old consoles in my house my general answer to that question is obvious, but between the PS3 and Xbox 360 I see the PS3 as a much more valuable console in hindsight.

In my experience most old consoles eventually get pushed back to “nostalgia status,” where you drag one of them out once every few years to play one of the top-tier classic games that have held up well to this day. For some reason I don’t expect to do that with my 360.  It’s the console I am closest to being able to toss (even though I can scarcely imagine tossing any of them). Though, that’s occurred due to a specific set of circumstances in my case.

Unlike a lot of people, the 360 didn’t become my console of choice for multiplatform games. When you take that out of the equation I think the 360’s value shrinks dramatically unless you really love Halo and Gears of War. Basically, I have about two 360 games left that I need to finish, and after that all that’s left are a couple games that hit nostalgia status. That’s compared to probably five or six nostalgia games on each of my other vintage consoles. I’m still buying games for my Super NES, but I think I’ve bought my last 360 game.

In this regard the PS3 is a pretty impressive system — I think I’ll probably be playing new content on it for at least another 12 months: Final Fantasy X/X-2, Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, etc. I’m interested in those and other, already-released HD ports I haven’t gotten to yet… so really I’ll still be playing some PS2 games in 2014. The PS3 has also finally become the platform of choice for niche JRPG developers like GUST (Atelier, Ar Tonelico) and Namco (Tales of), and then you’ve got Drakenguard 3 next year too. And of course there’s Gran Turismo 6.

If you’re keeping either current-gen console there will still be a lot to play. I’m not just talking about cross-generation games either. Soul Calibur II HD (another port) comes out before the end of the year, and next year you’ve got Ultra Street Fighter IV. Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII is also 2014 in North America — probably the highest-profile current-gen-only release for early 2014, but my personal most anticipated game in that period — current-gen or next-gen, is Dark Souls II.

My PS3 backlog actually isn’t big at all, maybe two games, but there’s quite a bit on the console that I definitely find valuable enough to keep for years. I still feel the temptation to revisit Demon’s Souls, and the Uncharted games are some of the most replayable on the system if you ask me.

Now that I think about it most of my current-gen backlog is actually on PC. The PC versions of games like Just Cause 2, Saints Row, Borderlands 2, Far Cry 3, and Skyrim currently sit in my Steam library. But that’s one of the advantages of upgrading your PC: you don’t have to give up any legacy software. My Wii backlog is actually kinda shocking, but by the same token the Wii U is backwards compatible.

My previous post was about how it doesn’t look like PS4 and Xbox One games are really gonna come into their own until probably fall 2014. It looks like PS3 and Xbox 360 games aren’t gonna even begin to fade away until around that time too. What we’re currently beginning is a soft launch of new consoles — a year-long transition phase.


  • The Humble Store sales continue. I think FEZ is $4 right now.
  • Man it’d be cool if developers used PS4 and Xbox One streaming to live stream upcoming games. Maybe journalists should do it too.
  • Really cool Assassin’s Creed IV screenshot: http://t.co/wdqJP2uD0e
  • Crazy Buffet 2 – SHINY by John Pading http://t.co/qElqoEzDQk
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One thought on “Why I’m Keeping My PS3 For a While Longer

  1. I’m going to hold on to my PS3 and X360 for a while longer, but only because I can’t get an Xbox One right now due to financial issues. But I will get one in early 2014.

    You playing Soul Calibur II HD yet? I have the PS3 version if you want to play.

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