Why I Don’t Really Have A Black Friday Haul This Year


I’m not sure why, but Black Friday commercialism in the media this year seemed a lot crazier than ever before. Despite that this is probably the least I’ve participated in it in a while.

I don’t know if this is some desperate effort on the part of retailers in today’s economy or what, but it really does seem like Black Friday was really Black Week, or Black Month. Deals have been going up at least since this past Monday. I’m almost afraid the market is gonna burn out on it. I’m already seeing headlines for articles suggesting these sale prices are artificial: that the non-sale prices are artificial and during Black Friday many products are temporarily listed at the prices they were actually designed for. Either way, it’s almost all become noise to me.

Maybe it’s because a few years of braving the 4am cold has significantly trained my ability to efficiently zero in on what deals I want. I’ve pretty much been hanging out for the last two days, periodically dropping in on a deal I already knew was gonna happen two days ago, in stark contrast to the people getting into fights at Wal-Mart on the six o’ clock news. Similar to last year, I didn’t even leave the house.

If you’re even reading this there’s a good chance you already know how Amazon has basically taken over Black Friday sales at least since last year. Maybe some people don’t realize this because they think all those sales happen on Cyber Monday. This year I didn’t even interact much with Amazon’s deals, the main reason being I stopped jumping at deals for console games, and PC versions tend to get short-changed on Black Friday.

The Steam sale, which is ongoing as I write this, is probably going to end up being the source of most of my Black Friday purchases for 2013. I snagged the Ratchet & Clank collection and a Pacific Rim Blu-Ray from Amazon for under $10 each, but that was it. I’ll admit that $35 Grand Theft Auto V deal looked pretty good but I decided to stay strong and wait for the inevitable PC version. And I don’t need to mess around with Battlefield 4, even if it is $25. I bought Battlefield 3 for $10 last year and never even installed it.

Okay, so I also started buying the parts for a new PC this week but most of that stuff doesn’t actually get discounted for Black Friday. Not significantly anyway. When it comes to PC components the only really big markdowns I saw were for hard drives.

Anyway, the reason I can’t give you some kind of impressive photo of my “haul” this year is because it’s currently in the process of being shipped to me, or only exists on my hard drive.


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