Super Metroid Should Be Nintendo’s Next 3DS Remake


While playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which has taken up all my gaming time for the last couple weeks, it was brought to my attention that Nintendo should definitely give the same treatment to Super Metroid. ALBW is basically A Link to the Past 2 right (that’s what its Japanese title translates to)? Why not Super Metroid 2?

Nintendo’s been in the habit of remaking its classics on 3DS and Metroid probably makes the most sense as another candidate. This is true both looking at the 3DS itself and where the Metroid franchise is right now.

Metroid is stuck in Nintendo’s doghouse alongside Star Fox and F-Zero as franchises that can’t guarantee the sales numbers of Mario, Pokémon, Mario Kart, or even Animal Crossing. The disappointing Metroid Other M didn’t help things either. Someone at Nintendo is probably mulling over what to do with the franchise. The best course of action if you ask me is probably another 2D entry for the 3DS.

Aside from being Nintendo’s strongest platform right now, the 3DS has supported entries of a lot of the company’s less major intellectual properties like Mario & Luigi and Fire Emblem, and sales on the 3DS saved the latter franchise from cancellation. The Metroid Prime series also kind of ran its course, and with Other M’s performance nobody really knows what to do with 3D Metroid on consoles right now. 2D on handhelds however is still reliable. I could just be saying this though because I’m mad Nintendo hasn’t done a 2D Metroid since Zero Mission on the Game Boy Advance almost a decade ago.

I just don’t see why they didn’t make one on the original DS seeing how well the Castlevania games were doing on that platform. Put the map and Samus’s suit interface on the bottom screen and you’ve got a nifty new control scheme for the franchise. It only makes more sense on the 3DS.

I think the reason Super Metroid in particular makes the most sense for the ALBW treatment is because of its similar structure — it’s another game about traversing an open environment while collecting better equipment. The one important difference is that it’s side-scrolling. Nintendo could recycle the same world map like it did ALTTP’s but rearrange the items and room locks — essentially remix Super Metroid.  The graphics could be an even more interesting upgrade.

I understand the reason ALTTP fit the 3DS so well is because of the game’s focus on varying elevations seen from a top-down perspective. I’d imagine the effect for a side scrolling game would translate into moving things into the foreground or background — perhaps having doors that lead there, and thus to new environments. Why doesn’t Nintendo pull a Castlevania Symphony of the Night and add an inverted version of the world? There’s just so much potential there.

I guess Metroid II: The Return of Samus is another candidate for the same treatment (by the same token so is Link’s Awakening). If you ask me, I think Nintendo could get Metroid Prime working on the 3DS. The in-visor view would be nice on the 3D screen, and the Gamecube games are already designed to use only one analog stick. There are really a lot of games that could work well on the 3DS though.


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