So What is MiiVerse For?

zlCfzRPVJCE6qi1RptJudging from the Wii U’s sales compared to the 3DS I imagine a lot of people are only just now setting up MiiVerse accounts now that the service has hit the latter, myself included. I think it takes a little time to figure out what MiiVerse is actually for, but I’ve already found it a benefit to the platform and potentially a significant time sink.

Even after only a couple days of using MiiVerse I’ve already learned things from posts about Zelda A Link Between Worlds. For the first time in a long time, ALBW is a game I feel is really good at hiding its secrets to the point where I’ve had to seriously mull over where to find some items or how to do certain challenges. That kind of mysterious game is probably one of the reasons Nintendo designed MiiVerse.

I’m sure I made a post here before about the “Why can’t Metroid crawl” kid, saying that a lot of people got through video games back in the day by sharing information with others. This is one effective function of MiiVerse, but online and built right into Nintendo’s hardware.

My favorite thing to do in MiiVerse right now is check posts marked under “Questions” in the ALBW community where I’ve already learned about items and strategies. Aside from being built right into the hardware and accessible without closing the game, being able to post a screenshot of what you’re talking about is pretty beneficial too. That seems to be one of the features pretty much universal in 8th generation video game hardware: the Wii U, 3DS, Vita, PS4, Xbox One, and even Steam. I can only imagine what info people are sharing in the Pokémon community.

Otherwise MiiVerse is basically Nintendo’s version of twitter, just focused entirely on people actually playing games. Twitter itself is a social network that has no singular stated purpose, allowing all its users to make something different of it for themselves. I imagine people will do the same for MiiVerse. I already have.

Another potentially great use of MiiVerse as well as similar features on other platforms like the PS4’s and Xbox One’s sharing is that it might help sell more games by giving consumers direct access to player testimonies. As I write this I’m looking through MiiVerse screenshots of the 3D re-release of Galaxy Force II, a game I’d never heard of until very recently but now intend to buy. I like being able to view screenshots right on my machine so I know exactly what a game will look like running natively on the hardware.

According to my Wii U-owning friends, one major thing that sets MiiVerse apart is the fact that everyone who uses it has access to a drawing interface and a stylus. That feature by itself has led to a whole community of MiiVerse artists out of which you can get some pretty notable stuff.

Anyone using MiiVerse on the 3DS though has already seen how slow it is, bringing up obvious usability concerns. I can log into it with a game paused in the background, but every time I wanna talk about that game real quick it takes like a minute for MiiVerse to load up. Page loads take several seconds too. Hopefully it’s just the first baby steps of the program and not the 3DS hardwarwe having not been built for MiiVerse. Either way, the problem arises of you being able to just pull up the web version of MiiVerse on your phone faster than it loads on the 3DS.

Last but not least, I really hope Nintendo can quickly roll out communities for more 3DS games like Fire Emblem Awakening or Shin Megami Tensei IV, and especially virtual console games.


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