RIP Weekend Confirmed

It seems like media related to the old crew just can’t catch a break, despite it being in my opinion some of the best programming on video games ever produced. First the 1up meltdown (which was actually five years ago), and now the end of Weekend Confirmed which has been a cornerstone podcast of mine for nearly four years. Can stuff like this really never find its place in the market?

Over the last eight or nine years I think I’ve rarely gone a week without listening to a podcast helmed by someone who came out of They pretty much became my go-to “talk shows” about games. A big part of it was probably because 1up Yours was the first podcast I ever subscribed to, but I think it’s also because the “style” or “flavor” that started with Yours and continued into Weekend Confirmed was something different.

To describe it simply, it felt like listening to a bunch of guys who really knew about games just sitting around talking about games as honestly as possible, as opposed to a heavily-produced show about games. I think what made it work was that for once it allowed the personalities of the people on it to sell the whole thing. You got legit arguments on the latest pertinent subjects in the industry, which were both interesting and entertaining to listen to.

This was more or less the approach taken by The 1up Show as well, but mixed with skits, previews, interviews, and straight-up critiques of games, all shot in a very down-to-earth style. To this day 1up Show and its progeny (most notably CO-OP) are just about the only video editorial from a professional game website I’ve ever really liked. Nothing else has the same flavor, and video coverage of industry events just hasn’t been the same since AREA5 Media stopped doing it.

All that stuff was probably before its time, especially 1up Show. They basically tried to do personality-driven video editorial of games a few years before amateurs on YouTube (some of which are very talented) blew it up. Some people say Giant Bomb and their podcast has become the new face of personality-driven games editorial but I’ve yet to seriously try it out.

The big issue is monetization. AREA5 has been running around doing odd project after odd project. Even Idle Thumbs, which people loved for the uniquely smart look its hosts take on the industry, had to be Kickstarted back to life.

I’m at least glad to see AREA5 land with something new in its future. If I had the money I’d definitely back their Outerlands project and will most likely buy it whenever it comes out. I have no doubt something new is gonna come out of what was Weekend Confirmed, and whatever it is I’m waiting with baited breath. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with my weekends until then.


  • So now there are actual guides for people who want to clone mobile games.
  • Man. Titanfall comes out in 2014 and will still run on an 8800GT — a graphics card from 2007.
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