Why You Should Check Out Crazy Hotel

I seem to be a little late hearing about Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel, but updates and news surrounding this game seem to have fallen off since the alpha release last June. The only reason I even caught wind of it is because it just passed through Steam Greenlight this week. I tried the alpha and if you have a recent computer you might want to think about it.

Basically, Crazy Hotel is an adventure game with the graphics of a 1930’s cartoon. Comparisons almost immediately arose upon the reveal of Cuphead. Cuphead is an action game though, Crazy Hotel is an attempt to combine several styles of adventure game, from Lucasarts-style graphic adventure to console-style action-adventure. For the full game the developers boast item-based puzzles, a dialogue system, and action puzzles akin to Zelda dungeons. The alpha contains the former two.

I think what’s in the alpha at least shows Crazy Hotel has what it takes in the puzzle department as well as when it comes to writing. The alpha is pretty much all about talking to characters and investigating the environment to get items, then using those items to progress. For the most part the puzzles felt a bit challenging but never to the point where I got stuck for a long time. The dialogue and visuals offer enough clues while managing to have spirit.

Even the very premise is pretty nice: a hotel where cartoon characters take a rest after the adventures in their productions. The whole place is full of characters defined by their roles like an animated front-desk bell urging you to buy souvenirs or a lock with dialogue talking about the full version of the game. The protagonist — the female lead of a cartoon series, is also pretty well-written with a certain sense of wit in her dialogue.

This is all assuming of course the graphics in the alpha aren’t final. The player character is almost the only thing that animates at all, but that animation already looks nice, and the developers promise better for the full game.


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