Under-The-Radar Alert: Sui Generis

It’s time to bring some attention to another upcoming indie game I’ve seen barely anyone talk about. This time it’s Sui Generis.

I haven’t actually played this one yet (it’s got a playable alpha only available to crowdfunding backers) but it looks especially interesting to me nonetheless. It seems to be an isometric sandbox RPG. At first glance it looks a Diablo or Torchlight type of game where you click on monsters and get loot, but the descriptions and videos indicate otherwise.

The most impressive thing about Sui Generis in my opinion is its engine. An original engine, it looks surprisingly realistic and dynamic. The combat is apparently “physics-based,” you’re supposed to be able to interact with almost any object in the world, the story is nonlinear, and AI characters will supposedly react to everything you do. It sounds like an immersive simulator, like Skyrim, or Fallout, but with an isometric camera. Oh, and apparently you can’t save or load, giving every decision in the game permanence.

Looking thee videos at the official website, I guess the most striking thing about the game to me is how realistic and dynamic it looks compared to most isometric RPGs. Games like Diablo and Path of Exile are extremely gamified. Characters move around quickly and mechanically, numbers pop up all over the place, and the graphics are often very stylized. The animations in Sui Generis are smooth, it has a full-blown physics engine, and the lighting looks dynamic and natural. I find myself wondering why I won’t be able to play this game in first person or with a zoomed-in camera.

The combat is the next most striking thing about this game’s engine. I’m not completely sure how it’s controls are supposed to work, but the developers say it’s all based on physics and not dice rolls. They even say the animations are procedural. To be honest I’ve never actually seen a “realistic” melee combat system work well on a controller or mouse, but I at least have to say the combat in these videos looks cool. It looks like it plays out in a believable way.

The one thing I want to know more about regarding Sui Generis is how the game itself will flow. There’s a bit of information on the story, the world, and the writing, but I want to know about the actual structure of progression through that world. Will there be a main quest? How much will the player character be tied to that quest? How “nonlinear” will the main quest and other quests be? Sui Generis has my curiosity based on its engine and mechanics, but what I’ll actually be doing in the game is what would gain my attention.

Sui Generis was supposed to have its first public release in May 2014, but May 2014 is pretty much over so there’s no telling what the plan is outside contributor builds so far. The game isn’t even on Steam Greenlight.


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