Where Are The Actual Next-Gen Games?


So, “definitive next-gen experience,” Evolve has been delayed to 2015, The Last of Us just got a remaster for PS4, Capcom just announced a remaster of the original Resident Evil for the current consoles, and now Sleeping Dogs is getting a remaster. Oh, and the PlayStation Blog has spent a lot of its time hyping indie games on PS4 and Vita. I’m not against remasters or indie games at all, but I can see why some people are starting to resent them.

A lot of people probably spent $400 on these new consoles so they could play some actual new games that feel like a next level in console gaming. Not only have we seen little of that over the last several months, but publishers seem to be taking the remaster trend into overdrive.

About a year ago I did a blog post speculating about this. Going back and reading it is a bit shocking due to how many games I guessed might get remasters actually are. I still think they’re ultimately a good thing for a few reasons: 1) Not everybody has played the games on their original systems, 2) Many of these games didn’t run very well on the PS3 and 360, and 3) Releasing PC versions of games like the original Resident Evil is a very good way to make sure they remain available for a very long time. It’s just that it’s starting to look like publishers are actually padding out their schedules this year with the remasters. The Xbox One’s main exclusive release this fall is a collection of remastered Halo games (that’s rumored to also hit PC now). Has this new console generation really started yet?

Ultimately I think if you don’t own a gaming PC it’s still going to be worthwhile to get a new console this year just to get the best versions of all the actual new games coming out, even if almost all of them are cross-generation. Recent cross-gen games like the Destiny beta, THIEF and Wolfenstein: The New Order barely run at all on PS3 and 360 — these newer games are pushing the old consoles past their limits. You might as well get games like Far Cry 4Destiny, and Dragon Age Inquisition on the new consoles. The PS4 has already become a leading platform in sales for games like Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstein.

If you have a lagging sense however that those games still aren’t getting the most out of the new machines, then it really does seem like a lot of people bought them too early. In previous posts I speculated we weren’t going to see a lot of “true next-gen” games until late 2014 — the first holiday season after launch, but it’s looking like big PS4/Xbox One/PC-only games aren’t coming out until at least early 2015. As far back as last year I’d said the first such game that looks like a must-buy for me is The Witcher 3. Market-wise though I have a feeling Assassin’s Creed Unity is going to be the most significant system-seller for the PS4 and Xbox One this fall. It’s basically the sole AAA next-gen-only game of the season. The Xbox One has a couple other small ones, but the PS4 has no exclusives this fall.

This is looking like a really slow console transition.


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