The Most Plausible PC Ports I Want From Capcom


SEGA is pleased with the opening performance of the PC version of Valkyria Chronicles which should hopefully continue the company’s long trend of bringing its classics to PC. Different Japanese publishers have recently put games on the platform at different rates, and one I want to talk about right now is Capcom.

The PC versions of Capcom’s games over the last several years have been excellent in terms of optimization, but the company hasn’t done much at all in terms of reaching back in time and bringing its classics to the platform… unless it’s also bringing them back for today’s consoles. When I thought about this I started thinking about the Capcom games that would make the most sense to bring to PC. Most of the games that came to my mind are either relatively recent games or games with recently released editions.

Dragon’s Dogma

I don’t think anybody understands what happened to Dragon’s Dogma. I rented that game and then returned it expecting to buy the inevitable PC version that arrives for all Capcom’s new games… but never did for this one. I understand the game didn’t sell a bajillion copies and might not even get a sequel, but everyone I’ve heard talk about this game has showered praises on it. I think the only reason I heard from Capcom for the lack of a PC version was they couldn’t figure out the game’s online infrastructure without a console network surrounding it which I still don’t understand. Why can’t they just tie it to Steam accounts now?

Not only is Dragon’s Dogma a well-liked game, but just look at it. It looks like it needs to be on PC for the same reason people demanded Dark Souls on PC — it looks like a perfect fit for the western PC RPG crowd. It’s an open-world dark fantasy game where players are given a degree of freedom in dangerous and systemic environments. Maybe Capcom should take a look at how popular Skyrim still is on Steam’s player charts after three years.

Marvel vs Capcom 3

I guess this might make the most sense of all here. Capcom has continued to support Street Fighter on PC. They even released a PC version of Street Fighter X Tekken. Yet,  But for some reason the PC doesn’t get Marvel — a game that’s nearly as popular as Street Fighter at tournaments and has probably left X Tekken in the dust. I understand Capcom hasn’t been releasing anywhere near a plurality of its fighting games on PC, but overall it’s released far less successful games on PC than Marvel. Speaking of which…

3rd Strike

There are a lot of classic fighters Capcom has decided not to release on PC (or re-release at all, like Power Stone). I get that. Their sales on consoles started to peter out and Darkstalkers didn’t meet expectations. If I had to pick one though, it would be Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.

Mainly, it’s just the most well-regarded of all Capcom’s fighting classics. It’s often cited as the best 2D fighter ever. It’s the one game I keep going back to over Street Fighter IV. This would be one of the games I’d probably never uninstall. If I’m not mistaken it’s also the only classic fighter Capcom released with GGPO for its online infrastructure, which as I understand is already somewhat popular on PC.


We know Okami basically sold like crap on PS2 and Wii. Despite that, Capcom saw fit to port the game to PS3. Not only that, they did a pretty serious job porting the game, going so far as to get it downsamplling from nearly 4k resolution. I don’t know how much the PS3 sold, but that has to say Capcom still cares about the game.

Okami is probably one of Capcom’s most highly-rated games of recent times. It’s already shown up on other lists of Japanese games people want to see on PC. I’ll admit I haven’t seen much evidence for the success of Zelda clones on PC, but one part of Okami I’m interested in is how well the paintbrush mechanic might work with a mouse.

Mega Man 9 & 10

Capcom has pretty much let Mega Man die. Outside cameo appearances they’ve given up on any real new releases for the franchise. It’s been up to series co-creator Keiji Inafune to break away from Capcom and create Mega-Man-but-not-Mega-Man just for us to get a new game.

That said, when Capcom did Mega Man 9 and later Mega Man 10, I always wondered why they didn’t include PC in the spread of platforms for the game. They even released them on WiiWare! I can understand if they don’t do some complete Mega Man collection (outside Virtual Console), but to me it still feels odd those last two games are only available on consoles that are now aging.

In a perfect world we’d probably be seeing Japanese publishers like Capcom put their libraries on PC at least as extensively as SEGA has. There are even certain games I didn’t mention here I’d probably want to see on PC most of all (God Hand and Viewtiful Joe are great but we need to let those go). I’m trying to be realistic with this list, following the patterns by which Japanese publishers have apparently been following in selecting which games they bring to PC.


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