My Detachment Form An Expanding Black Friday


Retailers are really trying to turn Black Friday into, like, “Black Month” or something this year. Maybe the merging of events into this one big sales season was inevitable. In any case, I really couldn’t tell you how involved in it I’ll be this time around. Maybe if I had more money things would be different, but my involvement in the holiday American capitalism proceedings of 2014 is looking different primarily due to changes in how I buy games and what games I buy.

The Black Friday deals have been spilling out for weeks and my eyes have kind of just glossed over them. One big reason is they are all for console games. Black Friday retail kind of doesn’t exist for PC games. Usually, only Amazon and GameStop make any effort to include the PC versions of the big games in the deals, which along with the cold eventually pushed me into doing all my holiday deal hunting online. That of course also means the Steam sales. Honestly though, I have no idea if I’m going to actually buy any games during this sale.

My “only buy games when I feel like playing them,” policy seems to be having a real effect on the frequency of my game purchases. I’m no longer tied to release dates for most games. I’ve played basically none of the big AAA games that have come out this fall, and I don’t think I’ll get around to buying or playing any of them until probably well into next year. If I had a Wii U I’d be neck-deep in Smash Bros. right now, especially for the Thanksgiving get-together, but that’s about it.

After finishing up the Dark Souls II DLC I was really in the mood to go ahead and play Wolfenstein: The New Order and settled on a $40 deal for the game (even though it’s been slashed to $30 multiple times). I’ve been enjoying it thoroughly. After that I have quite a few games on my Steam wishlist that I know I’ll want to check out some day. I just don’t exactly have a burning desire to play them right at this moment, and my new game purchasing policy is supposed to stem the growth of my backlog.

For the sake of bringing attention to some of these games I’ll go ahead and point them out anyway: Freedom PlanetConsortiumCrypt of the Necrodancer (Early Access), Gunhound EX, Project NIMBUS (Early Access), The Moon Silver, Super Win The Game, Kromaia, Eidolon, and a few others. Even still, those games will have to be really low for me to consider buying them just to put them in the backlog for several years.

The one game I’m actually most interested in getting this winter is the upcoming PC version of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. This is despite the fact that it’s a glorified demo that I already played to completion on PS3. I guess I just enjoyed what I played that much. I am impressed with the improvements the PC version is getting, but mostly I just really like the kind of game it provides a slice of. It’s the kind of 3D open-ended action game I have the appetite for right now. I’m not quite in the mood for something as big as Dragon Age: Inquisition yet, and even less so for another one of Ubisoft’s increasingly formulaic games.

Maybe this is the emergence of a pattern where I simply buy far fewer games overall, and it could be having a real effect on how much I enjoy the games I do buy. Wolfenstein was one of maybe three games I’d bought in the entirety of autumn, and I’m already most of the way through a second run through it while trying to unlock its secret content. Another game I recently picked up was Azure Striker Gunvolt and I’m a bit surprised at how excited I am to play it once I close the book on Wolfenstein. I almost never felt like this when I was buying a handful of games every month. It’s just a matter of resisting the urge to get caught up in all the blockbuster marketing.


  • Neat Mega Man X deconstruction.
  • Big update on that game Chasm
  • And let’s just hope the rest of this holiday season doesn’t reflect how it seems to be starting out.
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