Video Game Anniversaries That Will Occur in 2015


It’s almost become a tradition at this point. Upon the new year I like to look back and see what major games will have significant birthdays (meaning multiples of five). For the most part this is based on data from Wikipedia which does a fairly good job of chronicling game releases by year and month. Most of the games on this list are fondly remembered individual classics. Though, there are a few major franchise and platform anniversaries I didn’t even realize were coming.

The biggest is undoubtedly the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and the American launch of the NES along with it. Nintendo doesn’t usually hold massive celebrations specifically for American anniversaries — they already celebrated the Famicom’s 30th anniversary in 2013, but it’s gotta at least do something for Mario. On top of that the Super Famicom turns 25 in Japan this year along with Super Mario World and F-Zero.

One thing that caught me off guard is how apparently great June of 2000 was. Several major PC games will be turning 15 this summer.

The biggest overall theme here is that 2015 is the 10th anniversary of 2005, which was a pretty great year for gaming. I hate “best year of gaming ever” conversations because I don’t think anything measures up to 1998. There have been excellent years since then though, and 2005 was one of them for me. Several of my favorite games of all time will be turning 10 this year, one of which hits that anniversary in a little over a week. In fact, basically none of my favorite games of all time came out after 2005, so this year I might be celebrating the last wave of truly great classics.


Bayonetta turns 5
Darksiders turns 5
Zelda: The Minish Cap turns 10
Resident Evil 4 turns 10
The Neo Geo AES turns 25


Deadly Premonition turns 5
Heavy Rain turns 5
Star Wars: Republic Commando turns 10
The Sims turns 15
Vagrant Story turns 15
Pokemon Stadium turns 15
Star Wars: Dark Forces turns 20
Ristar turns 20


Metro 2033 turns 5
The last TimeSplitters game turns 10
God of War turns 10
Lumines turns 10
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory turns 10
Thief II turns 15
The PlayStatoin 2 t urns 15
Chrono Trigger turns 20
Descent turns 20


Psychonauts turns 10
Majora’s Mask turns 15 (In Japan)
Full Throttle turns 20


Alan Wake turns 5
Red Dead Redemption turns 5
Forza turns 10
Perfect Dark turns 15
Gradius turns 30
Pac-Man turns 35


Sniper: Ghost Warrior turns 5
Total War turns 15
Deus Ex turns 15
Diablo II turns 15
Icewind Dale turns 15
Jet Set Radio turns 15
Marvel vs Capcom 2 turns 15
Earthbound turns 20


StarCraft II turns 5
Dr. Mario turns 25
Hang-On turns 30
The Amiga turns 30
Missile Command turns 35


Nintendogs turns 10
Super Mario World 2 turns 20
Command & Conquer turns 20
Heroes of Might and Magic turns 20
Microsoft Fury3 turns 20
The Virtual Boy turns 20


Amnesia: The Dark Descent turns 5
Final Fantasy XIV turns 5
Indigo Prophecy turns 10
Baldur’s Gate II turns 15
Rayman turns 20
Ghost n’ Goblins turns 30
Super Mario Bros. turns 30
Enix turns 40


Vanquish turns 5
F.EA.R. turns 10
Shadow of the Colossus turns 10
Skies of Arcadia turns 15
Mega Man will have been stuck on the moon for 15 years
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream turns 20
Time Crisis turns 20
The Game Gear turns 25
Space Harrier turns 30
The NES turns 30
Duck Hunt turns 30
Tempest turns 35


999 turns 5
Guitar Hero turns 10
The Xbox 360 turns 10
Capcom vs SNK turns 15
Final Fantasy IX turns 15
Hitman turns 15
Twisted Metal turns 20
The Dig turns 20
The Super Famicom turns 25
Super Mario World turns 25 (in Japan)
F-Zero turns 25 (in Japan)


Infinity Blade turns 5
Grandia II turns 15
Phantasy Star Online turns 15 (in Japan)
Worms turns 20
Suikoden turns 20 (in Japan)
Commander Keen turns 25

Unknown Date

Railroad Tycoon turns 25
The Game Genie turns 25
Carmen Sandiego turns 30
Rogue, the first roguelike, turns 35
The Game & Watch turns 35


  • New Zelda comic.
  • To people saying we’ve already missed the deadline for things that appear in Back to the Future II, Marty McFly doesn’t arrive until October of 2015. We still have 10 months to invent hover boards and power laces.
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5 thoughts on “Video Game Anniversaries That Will Occur in 2015

  1. what about grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories? . .

    • RedSwirl says:

      I didn’t think LCS was that major a game to be honest. I usually just list either the anniversary of a whole franchise or the most significant game in that franchise.

  2. JM says:

    Can you update this for 2016? That would be rad!

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