Indie Games That Got Delayed To 2015


There were quite a few really off-the-radar indie games I was looking forward to in 2014, and basically none of them made it out that year. You don’t think ALL of them could end up spending another additional year in development right?

Some big sites have put out pretty good lists of what’s supposed to come out in 2015. I especially like the one Rock Paper Shotgun published showcasing over 400 PC games coming out this year. Most of what I’m about to mention isn’t on that list.

I think basically none of these games has a concrete release date. The developers of some of them made it seem like they were closing in on the end of development, but then again they also said they’d be done last year. In any case, I think it’s safe to say none of these games is vaporware.

Odallus: The Dark Call

The next game from the guys who made Oniken — my most underrated game of 2014, looks more deliciously old school the more I see it. In the same ways as OnikenOdallus looks at least as faithful to NES design as Shovel Knight was. Just go and get the demo on the game’s Steam Greenlight page. It feels like they straight-up made a new Castlevania or something. A pre-order trailer came out on Halloween and since then all the major updates have been from the developer’s Facebook page, mostly just a screenshot here or there.

Environmental Station Alpha

Basically one of the most faithful Metroidvania games I’ve seen recently. It’s like Super Metroid but with graphics closer to the Game Boy Color. The public demo shows off some pretty good level design, art direction, and music.The demo even managed to feel sort of like a miniature Metroid game In the way it handled acquired abilities and the unlocking of new areas. There’s no indication of how far along the full game is, but the main site says it’s been in development for three years.

Ghost Song

This is another game that looks extremely faithful to Super Metroid, except it has much more modern-looking 2D graphics, managing to look something like the 2D Metroid Nintendo fans have wanted for years. A beta came out last November but only for backers. Recent gameplay videos however have shown off a distinct Dark Souls influence in regards to the world and how non-player characters behave. It looks like a really interesting mix, and the developer seems to be taking great care with the combat. A recent update seems to significantly change the look of the game.

You Are Not The Hero

This game is about an ordinary girl’s quest after the main characters of an RPG rob her house… because breaking into people’s houses and taking items is what RPG player characters do. What attracted me to You Are Not The Hero was this premise, the puzzle-solving elements shown in the trailer, and the character descriptions which suggest an interesting multi-sided conflict in the story.

Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm

I think people have been playing the beta on Steam for a while, and it’s been going through location tests in Japanese arcades. If you don’t know, this is a fighting game being made by some SNK expatriots that to a lot of people resembles Street Fighter III. I definitely got a similar feeling back when I played the 2012 alpha. Not only is this the only Japanese game on this list, but I’m also happy to see someone hankering back to a certain era of fighting games in today’s indie landscape.


This is exactly the kind of game I’d been hoping an indie developer would make because I never thought any sizable game company would do it… before Alien Isolation came along. Like IsolationRoutine is a first person sci-fi horror game based around the 1970’s/1980’s vision of the future with curved screens and floppy discs. This game however seems to be a bit more open-world focused and is a roguelike, encouraging players to explore and take different paths upon each new attempt. Other than a recent change to the main website we’ve heard basically nothing of this game since the middle of last year.


Stasis is an attempt by a CG artist to recapture the feeling of the pre-rendered backgrounds of late 90’s and early 2000’s RPGs in the form of a sci-fi horror adventure game. For something made almost entirely by one guy it seems like a tremendously well-put together game. The most recent update is from around November and suggests a release towards the end of the first quarter of 2015 but I wouldn’t be surprised if it slipped a little further.


Another Metroidvania roguelike, this one is supposed to be coming out on PS4 along with PC sometime this year. The gameplay loop of this one however much more closely resembles Castlevania than Metroid, and its faithful representation of that style is probably its main appeal point. Playing the Chasm alpha felt almost like playing a continuation of the Nintendo DS Castlevanias. I guess Rogue Legacy is a very similar deal, but that game turned out excellently and Chasm seems to have a flavor distinctly different from it.


Of all the indies I’m interested in I think I’ve heard the least from A.N.N.E. Its sense of scale is what sets it apart from other similar titles. It’s trying to combine games like Gradius with Metroid or Contra, the result being a game where you travel on a ship and get into space shooter battles, then enter ships on foot for a whole different kind of action. In November (that seems to be around when a lot of these games had their last updates) there was a backers-only update but other than that I’ve heard nothing since June.

This isn’t even close to all the indie games I’m anticipating for 2015, but it’s a pretty good list of the least well-known ones for which I’m most anxiously awaiting updates.</font


  • The system requirements for The Witcher 3 aren’t THAT bad right? I think I’ll be able to get medium-to-high settings on my current rig. Probably.
  • An insider tries to explain what happens with AAA game development.
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