Nintendo Direct Did Not Make Me More Excited For 3DS

Before the latest Nintendo Direct I was contemplating if I was almost done with mainstream support of the 3DS. Now I know I very nearly am.

Now this is pretty much all a matter of personal preference on my part. There was a lot for people to enjoy for the system in this week’s Nintendo update. I’m just not one of those people. Probably not in 2015 anyway. My priority will likely switch completely to the Wii U.

Honestly, even before the Direct I’d decided I didn’t immediately need the new 3DS model. As I went over in my previous post about the system, I might not buy any of the winter and spring 3DS games. The new model would literally only let me boot up Smash Bros. more quickly. The Direct has me convinced I might not buy the new model at all in 2015.

I understand the retail realities of North America probably drove Nintendo of America’s decision to basically kill the standard model 3DS, I just don’t like it. Ever since I first held an XL I knew that size upgrade wasn’t worth $200 for me, and I really don’t like its low pixel density. Even the new model still seems like a lot of money for faster Smash boot up times. Oh, and it seems North America will never get another pearl white Nintendo handheld. Now more than ever I stand with the people complaining about 3DS region locking. USGamer’s Jeremy Parish seems to think we’ll eventually get the regular size. I seriously hope he’s right.

Of all the 3DS games I saw, the only one I’m even a bit interested in is the new Fire Emblem. I just hope the franchise doesn’t get too caught up in the eugenics simulator that is its marriage system. I only took slight interest in it in Awakening. More importantly though, it’s coming out this summer in Japan, which probably means fall or even a year from now in the west. Actually, I really want the new Rhythm Heaven that only showed up in the Japanese Direct, but westerners are probably gonna have to beg for it. Don’t blame me if the franchise has done badly here in the past. I bought Rhythm Heaven Fever. I’d think about the 3DS version of Xenoblade if it somehow took my Wii version save file, but I don’t see that happening.

Anyway, I’d much rather put that new 3DS money towards a Wii U at this point.

Really, if I get involved with Nintendo this year, it’ll be by getting a Wii U and spending 2015 catching up on the preceding two-to-three years of Wii U games. The Grand Theft Auto PC and Witcher 3 delays have already turned the entire first half of 2015 into backlog catch-up season for me. I could even spend my time on the 3DS catching up on my original DS backlog.

An aside about the Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer: I couldn’t help but notice the emphasis on massive-scale environments akin to western sandbox games. It’s nice to see that kind of design applied to Japanese RPGs. It makes me feel like the genre is seeing a technological advancement despite the Wii U’s out-of-step hardware. It’ll be interesting to compare X to Final Fantasy XV in this regard.

Oh, and Wii U third party support is still dead. Nintendo tried to act like there was some in the Direct but it ended up just being an untitled digital Namco game and some indie games I’ll probably find on Steam. Oh well. If I get a Wii U the backlog of games for it will be enough for me until Zelda drops. Upgrading the resolution of those Wii re-releases on the eShop would have been nice though. The idea of Metroid Prime in HD is one of the main reasons I ever wanted a Wii U. At least you can get the Trilogy set for non-scalper prices now.

You guys can go ahead and enjoy Majora’s Mask and your massive 3DS systems. Thinking about it now, 2014 was a light year of new games for me, and I thought that was just gonna be one year. The first half of 2015 has a couple big new things I’ll devote a lot of time to, but it’s potentially looking like another year where I go small in the number of purchases.


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