What I Actually Care About In Windows 10


It’s not exactly unusual to hear about someone being cautious to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, but as everyone around me is upgrading I’ve been thinking about what I actually care about on my PC that would get me to upgrade. That’s obviously different for everyone but I’ve found I have a pretty narrow idea of what would get me to upgrade.

I’m one of those people who have basically skipped Windows 8. I didn’t even get the chance to upgrade to 7 until late 2013. Every time I tried out 8 on someone else’s computer I hated it because the interface didn’t improve the desktop experience at all, regardless of whatever under the hood improvements 8 brought. Windows 10 seems to be made for people like me who want their start menu back, but when it comes to gaming there doesn’t seem to be much reason for me up upgrade from 7 in the immediate future.

My Windows 7 system is pretty much just a media/gaming HTPC. It starts up really fast on my SSD and DirectX 11 games run well on it. That’s probably what matters the most. DirectX 12 does indeed seem like a big deal but it doesn’t look like we’ll start getting games that really utilize it for a while, possibly not until next year. Locking DX12 behind Windows 10 also reminds me of DirectX 10 and Windows Vista, but I don’t know about all the technical necessities going on behind the scenes.

I hope CDProjekt upgrades The Witcher 3 to DX12 since its expansion packs will come after a lot of people have their hands on the necessary hardware and operating system. Honestly though, the one thing that might convince me more than anything else to upgrade to Windows 10 is ArmA 3’s upcoming expansion pack, which Bohemia Interactive confirmed at E3 will include a DX 12 upgrade which it promised should further optimize the game. If you’ve played ArmA 3 you know how hard it can be to get any kind of consistent framerate. ArmA 3 with a good framerate might feel like a whole new frontier.

I also want to sit back and wait for people to test how all sorts of older PC games run on Windows 10. I’m already hearing reports that the first two Max Payne games might not work. Issues with a few important older games also put me off Windows 8. I imagine eventually the popular ones will be patched but it’ll take time.

Xbox streaming on Windows? Don’t think I’ll ever need it.

The interface changes Microsoft has brought ironically might make the most sense for an HTPC setup like mine. Being able to boot up a desktop Netflix or YouTube app is almost unnecessary on a desktop or laptop, but possibly pretty great on a TV screen. Microsoft probably wants me to do that on an Xbox One but the company is still trying to come to gripes with how vestigial an Xbox is to someone who owns a sufficient gaming PC. At least Windows 10 will finally let you control the Metro interface with an Xbox One controller, or so I’ve heard. That probably means the wireless Xbox One controller adapter for Windows will allow this, and theoretically it could work for the Xbox One media remote too, pretty much providing me with the HTPC media remote setup I’ve been looking for.

I guess I might upgrade sooner rather than later if I find out some games get me like 10 extra frames per second as-is on Windows 10 or if the HTPC interface really is a quantum leap forward.


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