PS2 Emulation And PSX 2015 Speculation


For two years now I’ve been talking about the possibility of Sony bringing original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games to the PS4 through software emulation. Now Sony has pretty much confirmed it for PS2 games. It’s easy to speculate that we’ll get the details at PlayStation Experience 2015 on December 5th.

Any other speculative details on the emulation can probably be found in that post I linked above. The situation honestly hasn’t really changed that much but maybe it’s worth repeating a little for people excited about how the system may work or whether we could ever possibly play old discs on the PS4.

That might be the most tantalizing question. While I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS2 emulation was digital-only, I also wouldn’t be completely floored if it allowed for physical discs as well. It’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility, since software emulation is exactly how the PS3 is able to play PS1 discs. It’s mostly a matter of whether or not Sony can get the emulator on the PS4 to adequately run a plurality of PS2 games.

Other than that, It’s almost certain we’ll get something that looks like the selection of PS2 classics you can currently buy on PSN on the PS3, but with a wider set of games since the PS4 can probably emulate a wider portion of the PS2’s library. Any purchases made on the PS3 will likely be grandfathered in, since that’s what happened when Sony started selling PS1 classics on the PlayStation Vita. It’s not like these games are being remastered or even really ported in anyway. The word “emulation” implies we’re getting unaltered PS2 ISOs dropped into an emulator Sony has developed for the PS4.

And even despite that, we now have confirmation the games will look cleaner and run more smoothly on the PS4. The Star Wars bundle which is available now proves Sony’s emulator is running the original ISOs at higher internal resolutions and mostly at 60 frames per second. I can’t say if this will happen for all or even most PS2 classics we eventually see. I personally think it will be determined on a game-to-game basis but we’ll see.

I don’t know why Sony didn’t mention PS1 games on PS4, since that should be at least as easy as getting PS2 games running. There’s really no use in speculating any further until the 5th. To be honest I’m not even sure what else to expect at PSX. I guess we’ll get more footage of the games we already know are coming like Uncharted 4. I’m honestly tired of seeing No Man’s Sky footage but it would be interesting if the press actually got to play it at length and drop raw impressions.


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