Indie Game Radar: Super Galaxy Squadron, Murder


I guess I’ve decided to tear through a bunch of the smaller games I bought on Steam over the last year or so while I’m not busy with anything really big. Coming off of Super Star Path I actually managed to thoroughly play a couple more games I bought during the last steam sale at basically non-existent prices.

I have to admit, Super Galaxy Squadron is one of those games I bought mostly because it looked cool — the production design and sprite work are well done. When you think about it, indie gaming has kind of brought back the old days when (if you didn’t read gaming magazines) you’d just look through the shelves at the store and get whatever game looked interesting or had cool screenshots on the back. There are too many indie games being made these days for gaming media to cover (thus my Indie Game Radar posts), so you get some near-blind purchases like this.

I think I’ve said at least once before here that I’m not a shoot em’ up person. I don’t really know how to compare Galaxy Squadron to other shmups. I think it’s supposed to be the layman’s bullet-hell shooter though. Bullet-hell is definitely in force here, but it feels manageable to an extent. All I can really say to attest to that is I made it to the final level in about an hour while I can’t even get past the second level of Ikaruga.

Other than that, all I can tell you is you go through six levels of fairly intense vertical shooting action with a lot of ships and explosions on screen, and that there is a surpisingly large variety of playable ships to choose from. Each one has different parameters and special moves unique to it, so I guess you’re meant to try out the main game (and endless mode) with all of them.

The other thing I blasted through in under an hour is MurderMurder labels itself as a “short story” and that’s pretty much what it is. Someone basically wanted to make a Ghost in the Shell point n’ click story and more or less succeeded. That’s the best way for me to describe it really. The music and imagery do a great job of evoking that atmosphere. It’s just that, y’know, it takes about 30 minutes to finish. It feels like something that could have been offered for free or packed in with another game at little-to-no extra cost. It is packed in with a game called Stranded for a combined price of $8 but I don’t know how that game is.


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