Redefining Why You Should Buy Consoles


Console fanboys. In 2016. Is that really what we’re dealing with right now with all the anger over Quantum Break coming to PC? Are some people still mad when others get to play the games they like?

I have done multiple posts in the past about console exclusives and how they’re fading in the face of today’s market realities. The most relevant one is probably what I wrote back in October after PlayStation Experience 2015. You can just read that one and apply everything in it to Xbox.

Though, I have to admit I didn’t see any PS4 owners get this mad when Street Fighter V or No Man’s Sky were announced to also be coming out on PC. It feels rude to say this but I think it’s because some Xbox One owners are slightly less secure about their purchase. I get it. That’s where I was back when I only owned a Nintendo 64 and had to deal with its paltry library. The Xbox One has an overall great library of games but has largely lost the marketing message war with Sony. A lot of people can only buy one gaming device and want to justify it in their minds with exclusives. I think that’s what’s wrong with console gaming.

The people who bought an Xbox One primarily for its exclusives are now asking “why did I get an Xbox if everything’s just coming to PC?” At the end of the post I linked above I wrote that the main reason people should be buying PlayStation today is because they don’t want to spend $800+ on a gaming PC or worry about driver updates. I think people should mainly be buying Xboxes for the same reason — that and keeping their Xbox Live friends lists. Some people think the entire idea of Xbox is drifting closer and closer to being essentially a cheap Windows home theater PC (that’s locked down to the Windows 10 store).

When it comes to monumental exclusives, one thing I realized this past week is that not a single major new exclusive intellectual property has emerged during this console generation. The closest thing to one has been Splatoon on the Wii U. Nintendo is pretty much the last company left whose hardware you buy primarily for games only it makes.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if exclusives just disappeared and people simply saw game platforms like they see competing operating systems or cable networks, and bought into them based on their services and functionality. Sure some people now will dump their Xboxes and play Quantum Break on PC, but I think more will choose not to spend the extra money and stick with their XBL friends lists. I think the same would happen if Halo and Forza ended up on Windows as well.


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