The Road Of ArmA 3: Part Two


Everybody’s playing Dark Souls III but somehow I booted ArmA 3 up again and, well, yeah. Remember that “BECTI” mode I talked about in my last ArmA 3 post… a year ago to the day? I started up what I believe will be my final  attempt at this version of the mod on this map. So far I think I’ve gotten just about as far as I’ve ever gotten.

I think a somewhat succinct description of BECTI, as a game mode, would be somewhere between a real-time strategy skirmish match and a Battlefield 4 conquest match played from the perspective of one soldier on a map probably over twice the size of Grand Theft Auto V’s San Andreas. There are 50 settlements that must be captured. As of this writing my current match has been going on for around five hours and we’ve taken something like 14 of them. After the most intense battle yet (after finally gaining command of a tank) I’ve decided to retreat and rejoin the other squads in the northern flank, in effect probably giving up the five towns I just got done fighting for.

I don’t know how long this imgur link will hold up (it’s not mine) but here’s the map I’m talking about. If it’s not there just look up “Altis.” I spawned the AI commander and home base on the southwestern tip just south of Neri and Kavala. My side has been able to stretch north and east, taking everything up to Kore and Topolia without much trouble. Those two areas and Agios Dionysios are being contested right now. A little ways into this some AI squads decided to start a southern offensive toward Zaros, and we eventually made it beyond to Katalaki and Alikampos. I’d hoped the two arms of the invasion could combine and then push towards Neochori, but the enemy pushed back hard before everything could come together. Things started reversing just after Echo squad and I had to rescue each other at Katalaki.

I came into the town from the south in a single machine gun jeep (ArmA 3 is near-future so the weapons and vehicles are fictional) along with Bravo team which included two more jeeps (one with a grenade launcher) along with Kilo — one more jeep. At first we just noticed the enemy foot soldiers which weren’t a real problem except for the anti-tank guys who took out one of Bravo’s jeeps. I decided to sit tight and wait for Echo team — just foot soldiers, to come in from the fields to the north, but someone in town started firing on them. After pushing through to the northern end to help out I noticed an APC. One shot from this thing could end my jeep and everyone inside it, but it was too late to evade, so I went directly forward towards the squad surrounding the APC, hoping to use these last few seconds to run some over. That was when the APC exploded. Someone from Echo had manged to nail it with an unguided rocket from the better part of a kilometer away. As I drove up to them it became apparent they were actually taking fire from both Katalaki and somewhere else, probably Neochori. It was after this fight and my subsequent return to base to refit and repair that I got the tank.

I went ahead of it from HQ to Thereisa, but while waiting for it I noticed an APC speeding into the town from the north. I parked the jeep between some buildings, got out, and took a rocket launcher up to a second story balcony just around a street corner from where the APC was coming in. When it showed up it sped right past me so I had to use one rocket just to get its attention and get it to stop. I made the second shot (and last rocket) through some trees just as the APC turned its guns around. Its machine gun got a shot off and wounded me just before the rocket destroyed it. I noticed another ACP right outside town just as my tank arrived to blast it.

At this point the enemy was in the process of retaking Katalaki a couple kilometers to the north. I brought the jeep and tank to stop in Poliakko just nearby to make sure everything was okay there when I noticed a squad already in the interior of the town, but while my jeep gunner mowed it down I heard an enemy tank approaching. My tank was able to get into the center of the town from where it had pretty good cover but also a shot at the enemy tank which was successful. It was when the second enemy tank and two or so more enemy squads rolled in that I realized a whole armored group was coming at us. With the tank and jeep I held on for a good while but ran low on ammo and had to pull out. The other reason I pulled out is because my squad was the only one still in this region. Everybody else was moving up north Agios which was still switching control back and forth between us and the enemy. My current hope is that I can join that fight, turn it around, and then maybe we can swing back eastwards as one big force.

After I finish up this “campaign,” win or lose, I think I’m finally going to take a look at the other 12 or so mods I installed for ArmA 3 over the last several months. Some are custom campaigns, some other open-world modes.


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