The 3DS’s Surprisingly Strong 2016 Lineup


Emotions among Nintendo fans are running high coming off the announcements from the company’s financial meeting this week. One thing in particular caught me off-guard though: how much Nintendo seems to be propping up the 3DS with software this year. Last year I think I predicted something like 2015 would be the last significant year of the 3DS. Good God was I wrong.

I was looking at how light 2014 and 2015 had been for the 3DS, but 2016 actually looks significantly stronger, and I just wasn’t paying attention. So far we’ve already gotten the biggest Fire Emblem release ever, Bravely SecondHyrule Warriors, another new Mario RPG, and Langrisser which I think looks pretty interesting despite my waning interest for recent Japanese RPGs. We’re about to get a retail set of SEGA’s 3D classics, the first ever English release of a 7th Dragon game, Metroid Prime Federation Force, that Kirby mech game, Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse, another Monster Hunter, the third Zero Escape game, Rhythm Heaven, and not one but two Dragon Quest ports.

Oh, and a new main Pokémon entry.

With the Wii U looking pretty dead throughout 2016 with the exception of Paper Mario (I still think Nintendo could pull out another Wii U announcement at E3) I’m guessing Nintendo is finally letting that system go and relying on the 3DS — a five-year-old system, to prop revenue up until codename NX in 2017. I guess it’s the best option Nintendo has. The 3DS isn’t a runaway success but it’s healthy enough for now.

Oddly though, I don’t know how much if at all I’ll be getting in on what might be the 3DS’s explosive exit party (it’ll probably still get some software beyond 2016). From the above list the only thing I’m 100 percent getting is the new Zero Escape game — Zero Time Dilemma. To be honest my waning time with handheld games has reached a new stage. Before I’d buy up handheld games, mainly handheld RPGs, and then just not play them. On the 3DS I decided to not even buy the games until I knew I was going to play them, which has allowed me to just let the releases of all these games slip by me. I’ve already gone over how I have a ridiculous handheld backlog going all the way back to the Game Boy Advance, but how it actually got like that is a whole other story. Though, I still am downloading iPhone games… and not playing them.

In any case, the 3DS lineup will probably keep Nintendo in some kind of stable condition before it can take another gamble with NX next year.


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One thought on “The 3DS’s Surprisingly Strong 2016 Lineup

  1. Matt says:

    I am glad the 3DS is more than making up for the Wii U’s lackluster year. It does indeed have a great lineup.

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