Rez Infinite And Re-Buying Classics On Console vs PC


Rez Infinite is up for pre-order on PlayStation Network now, and for a little while the limited physical version has been up for pre-order over at Iam8bit. I’m finding myself hesitant to do so, and it’s not just because I don’t like pre-ordering games weeks or months out (there’s almost no reason to anymore).

I’ve seen lots of people accuse publishers of using remasters of games from previous console generations to pad out their release calendars for PS4 and Xbox One. Normally I’m all for these re-releases since not everyone got to play these games around their original releases or owns a bunch of older consoles. It’s like movies being re-released on Blu-Ray. Maybe I’m hesitant with Rez specifically because I’ve bought it twice before.

I’m gonna be honest: the real reason I might not get Rez Infinite is because there isn’t a PC version. Call it port-begging if you want, but I’ve found myself to be sort of averse to buying console games that aren’t first party exclusives. The idea of the third party exclusive is dying, and as it dies the last few publishers (mainly Japanese ones) that aren’t releasing games on PC stick out more and more. For me this isn’t even about superior PC hardware anymore.

A main reason PC is my first choice for buying third party games now is simply for the sake of longevity. When Resident Evil 4 came out on PS4 in August it was the seventh version of the game. I’ve bought it four times: on Gamecube, on Wii, on PS3, and the Ultimate HD Edition on PC. RE4 is an incredible game that deserves all the resales it gets, but I hope that PC version is the last version I have to buy for the foreseeable future. PC doesn’t have a perfect track record when it comes to maintaining backwards compatibility, but Windows has a far better track record than any console. Running RE4 or any other old re-release on PC at 1080p or 4K is a secondary concern for me next to knowing I’ll almost certainly be able to play it on a computer I buy or build years from now.

I guess people who bought the original PC port of RE4 had reason enough to buy it again on Steam. I’ll admit I’ve repurchased plenty of games on Steam and Good Old Games, mostly for convenience. Full remasters tend to only happen on PC when significant additional content has been added. Often it’s a full-on remake like with Homeworld or at least a very elaborate source port like Duke Nukem Megaton Edition and the upcoming 20th Anniversary World Tour version of the same game. There’s also been a precedent for owners of the original versions of PC games getting the enhanced version for free or at a discount, the latest being the Bioshock games, likely because PC users can still play the original versions on their current hardware while console users can’t.

Rez Infinite is probably gonna be great, but these days I just don’t like wondering if I’ll have to buy it again on some other console. What’s funny is the physical version at Iam8bit is the same price I paid for the PS2 version around a decade ago. Iterative consoles might change things, bringing a potential unintended benefit of all these re-releases for PS4 and Xbox One.

Microsoft’s talk about “blurring the lines between console generations” suggests Project Scorpio and future Xbox consoles will almost certainly be backwards compatible with Xbox One games (and probably the growing list of Xbox 360 games that run on Xbox One now). That means classics that get ported to Xbox One might now be part of a platform that endures for much longer into the future than one traditional console generation, preserving them. Red Dead Redemption still only has two versions: PS3 and Xbox 360, but now that you can play it on an Xbox One it’s part of that larger platform. I expect Sony to follow suit if Microsoft pulls it off, so it’s possible and even likely that copies of Rez Infinite you buy for PS4 now will play on a PlayStation 5 whenever that appears and beyond.

I originally got a PS4 because it had scraped up enough third party exclusives for me to consider it worthwhile when I’m getting everything multiplatform on PC, so I hope that future scenario takes place for those games. One of the ones I plan to get is Odin Sphere Leifthrasir, a remake of a game I bought for $40 on the PS2 11 years ago. The PS4 version is $60.


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One thought on “Rez Infinite And Re-Buying Classics On Console vs PC

  1. I got this on PS2 and was in the top 3 games I regularly went back to. (SSX and GTA VC being the other two). It’s currently on sale and if it’s not coming to PC I’m tempted. There was a rumour it would get a steam release, but I guess with the positive reviews about the VR aspect of the game PS are more likely to keep it an exclusive.

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