Rainbow Six Siege And My Issues With Online Shooters


I decided I was done with player versus player games quite a while ago, but Rainbow Six Siege was getting so much good word of mouth I had to at least rent it for a few hours. That word suggested it might be the kind of game I’ve been looking for to possibly get me back into PvP shooters. I don’t have PlayStation Plus but I was under the impression the game had some modes that could be played against AI opponents. To be truthful I didn’t have enough time to take a full tour of that part of the game, and I’m not sure it gives a good impression of whether normal multiplayer would be enjoyable.

When it comes to multiplayer action games the days I overwhelmingly prefer co-op to PvP. The last online shooter I really got into was horde mode in Gears of War 3. Horde 3.0 is the sole reason I might ever buy Gears of War 4. When it came to PvP though, over time  I realized I had certain tastes that didn’t line up with the most popular games. As opposed to frantic games where you constantly run around racking up kills with dozens of other players, the games I seemed to have the most fun with were slow-paced affairs that were more about getting the drop on a smaller number of players.

The first online PvP games I got into included Splinter Cell’s Spies vs Mercs mode (which Ubisoft needs to bring back on modern hardwawre) and Metal Gear Online, both of which focused on small player counts and a wide variety of strategies that didn’t always involve upfront combat. The last PvP shooter I really liked was the Source engine mod Neotokyo. I’d gt back into that but I think at any given time there are only maybe 20 concurrent players on the planet. I take a look at Counter-Strike GO every now and again but don’t get nearly enough time to make a real impression of it. Videos and articles about Siege made it seem like a surprise: a shooter in a big blockbuster franchise that dared to focus on slow-paced combat and round-based matches without respawn.

After realizing the only mode playable without going online is the “Situations” series of tutorial missions I tried a few. Honestly, the first impression I got is that Siege doesn’t do much to teach you the basic controls. I had to guess a lot based on knowledge of other first person shooters, and I had done multiple missions before I realized things like lean and prone were in the game. I mistakenly guessed what one of the grenade icons was supposed to represent and thus didn’t figure out how to breach or what I could breach through for quite a while.

The missions are really just about teaching you to use different weapons and tools as a lone player against AI. Overall Siege’s controls to me still handle more like a typical bombastic blockbuster shooter as opposed to a subdued tactical shooter, but it tries to act like the latter type of shooter. Bullets really hurt, and I like the emphasis on knowing the terrain and seeking out the enemy instead of just shooting them.

The most interesting thing in Siege is the level design. Destroying walls was the big selling point but rappelling up and down buildings with a wide host of entry points might be the real game-changer.

That’s really all I could glean from the tutorials. It’s not really enough to know if this is the game (the PC version by the way) to pull me away from all the singleplayer games on my plate right now. The real multiplayer modes are probably a whole different deal which is why I wish I could play them with bots. Ubisoft is offering the $15 starter addition for a couple weeks as of this writing though.

At some point I actually intend to try out Rainbow Six 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were still a few servers for it kicking around. One PvP shooter mode I’ve been curious about is “Search and Destroy” in the Call of Duty games. Its lack of respawn and lower player count (if I’m not mistaken) sound interesting, but by the time I understood what it was nobody was playing it in any COD game I currently own. We’ll see if I decide to get Infinite Warfare.


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