Titanfall 2 vs Infinite Warfare


All the reviews for Titanfall 2 have probably told you how good the campaign is. If you’ve slept on it, I’ll go ahead and tell you it ranks among the best shooter campaigns of recent years. Just coming off of it, it has me thinking about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, for which I’m fairly optimistic. I probably won’t be able to play Infinite Warfare for a little while though.

It still seems to be cool to hate on COD, and in particular it seems to be cool to hate on the current form of Infinity Ward ever since many of the original team members left (to eventually make Titanfall). One of the early trailers for Infinite Warfare got a record number of dislikes on YouTube just out of apathy for the franchise. As I noted in previous blog posts, I still found the last few COD campaigns to be quite enjoyable, and I really don’t see much reason for Infinite Warfare to be worse. In my mind right now it’s just a matter of how it’s going to stack up to Titanfall 2. I didn’t realize until now that former Infinity Ward members will essentially be dueling with Infinity Ward members with futuristic first person shooters releasing a week apart.

The Titanfall 2 reviews likely already say this, but the game’s campaign takes the fast and fluid feel of COD shooting and lets it cut loose from reality with robots, lasers, swords, and just any other sci-fi thing the developers thought would make it fun. In some ways it feels like a real evolution of Call of Duty 4 — the game that started the current “era” of FPSs. In other ways it feels like if Capcom or Platinum Games had made their own riff on COD4, replacing the relentless seriousness of modern military shooters with exactly the kind of fun those games deliberately avoid.

I went back and watched the original E3 campaign reveal for Infinite Warfare, and just as I thought upon initially seeing it during E3 in June, I think it looks very different from your typical COD game. Instead of flirting with sci-fi by edging further and further into future timelines, Infinity Ward just said “screw it” and went to space, unambiguously making COD sci-fi (but seemingly not as sci-fi as Titanfall). Now you’re flying around and running all through space ships while jumping between different states of gravity.

I think Infinite Warfare is going to have some good level design with these elements while maintaining COD’s characteristically tight controls because that’s what Modern Warfare 3 and Ghosts successfully did in my opinion. Titanfall 2 has the same good qualities but to a much greater degree than the last few COD games. However, while Treyarch got to mess with robots and wall-running in the last couple Black Ops COD games and Sledgehammer Games did the exoskeleton thing in Advanced Warfare, Infinity Ward hasn’t had a crack at the sci-fi thing yet. That’s another reason it’ll be interesting to see where it goes in comparison to Titanfall 2.


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One thought on “Titanfall 2 vs Infinite Warfare

  1. What a year for FPS campaigns, between this, Doom, and Battlefield 1 (I’ve yet to try COD:IW), not to mention the BioShock Collection.

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