Hopes And Fears For Far Cry 5


So Ubisoft this week unveiled Far Cry 5 and the shocking centerpiece of the game is its setting — the franchise known for bringing players to dangerous exotic locales is trying to create one within the United States. There’s a lot of potential for and nuance there you can already read about in articles like this one or this one. USGamer already has a couple pieces up about the pitfalls Ubisoft might fall into based on what we’ve seen from it in the past. Those two kind of bring up the subject I keep thinking about when I read about FC5 — how different is it actually going to play compared to the last few entries?

To me this feels pretty similar to what Battlefield and Call of Duty did with their drastic shifts in setting, but I don’t think that’s enough to make the game feel different.

Basically, what I don’t want to happen is for Ubisoft to reuse the same formula it used for Far Cry 3Far Cry 4, and Far Cry Primal. I think it’s time for a drastic shift in not only where FC is set but also how the whole game is structured, how the open world works, or how you progress through it. I don’t want FC5 to be FC 3 and 4 in these surprising new clothes. Fixed-wing aircraft and a character creator sound cool, but is this going to be another game where you kill animals to craft gun holsters, take over enemy outposts, and clear linear main missions?

Frankly, open-world games have moved on since FC3 and 4 came out. They’ve gotten bigger and more open-ended. Last year I tried to compare Metal Gear Solid V with what little I’ve played of FC4 and I’m hoping FC5 doesn’t compare the same way. I think MGSV as well as Zelda Breath of the Wild have actually given me a lot of what I wanted in Far Cry games, and in a way FC hadn’t really done.

MGSV’s open-ended mission structure is what I think FC should have always been doing (and was doing until FC3). Breath of the Wild has offered up a much larger world with more dynamic systems running, in which you can literally go in any direction you want as soon as you start a new game. Ubisoft itself has been evolving how it makes open worlds with games like Ghost Recon: Wildlands, which is also far larger and more open-ended than any FC game yet.

What I want to know about FC5 is if it’s going to give me more tools and options for solving its problems. Is it going to have more linear story missions or will it give players more leeway in how to progress through its story and world? Is it going to feel like it has actually evolved from the previous games?


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