[E3 2017] Did Anybody Really “Win” The Conference Wars?



The discussion over which E3 2017 press conference was the best is a really subjective one. They basically just showed off a lot of games — nothing to change the balance of power between the platforms. Because of that, which conference was the best is really going to depend on what particular games each person watching preferred.

I’m partial to Bethesda’s conference because it showcased the most games I’m hyped to play in the relative near term. I’m all in on Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and the Dishonored 2 expansion pack, the former probably being my game of E3 so far. I could also see myself eventually getting The Evil Within 2. However, I can totally understand if someone else is more partial to God of WarForza 7, or Skull and Bones.

What Microsoft showed at its conference was mostly good for people who already own an Xbox One — people already bought into Microsoft’s ecosystem. If you love playing Gears and Forza on your Xbox, now you can upgrade your hardware to make them look better. Xbox Game Pass is still coming, and now backwards compatibility is going all the way back to the beginning of Xbox. Nothing there will convince PS4 owners to cross over, but I think current Xbox owners will be satisfied. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the one big “exclusive” catch I think everyone saw coming. Being satisfied with my PC, I guess I could see myself checking out the Windows 10 version of Forza 7 and I’ll probably buy Cuphead on Steam.

To be honest, the original Xbox games might be one of the most appealing announcements to me. A lot of what’s in Xbox 360 BC I’ve already had on Steam for years and can just install on my current PCs, but the era of the original Xbox has a lot of worthwhile games that aren’t playable on any modern platforms. This might be the best way to get games like Crimson SkiesNinja Gaiden BlackPanzer Dragoon OrtaOtogiShenmue IIBurnout 3TimeSplitters, and a lot more. This is why people are so frustrated with Sony’s treatment of the PS2 library right now. There are games I bought on PS2 and PS3 I could see myself re-buying on Xbox and Xbox 360 just to play them on an Xbox One or possibly even Windows according to recent statements.

Nintendo seems to be maintaining the Switch’s good starting momentum. Super Mario Odyssey looks expectedly fantastic, but Nintendo also has its other first party games arriving at a good pace. Rocket League is a good catch and a good fit for the platform — something I could see people double-dipping on in order to play it on the go. Oh, and Metroid isn’t dead. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle continues to prove how good a fit the Switch is for turn-based tactical games. I did see though that Nintendo had to go a bit Sony-style with some of its announcements, doing little more than to confirm that a new Metroid Prime and a new mainline Pokémon are on the way to Switch. They could have done the same for Smash Bros. if you ask me, but E3’s not over yet as of this writing.

On the flip side Sony’s conference actually seemed to mostly contain games we’ll be able to play within the next nine months or so. Like the Microsoft conference, it served to keep people loyal to their platform of choice. Between Uncharted: The Lost LegacyThe Frozen Wilds, and the Dishonored 2 expansion, I’ve noticed meaty expansion packs to singleplayer games are seeing an uptick. Days Gone to me looked like Horizon with zombies.

My top three games from the conferences are Wolfenstein IIMario Odyssey, and Dragon Ball FighterZ.


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One thought on “[E3 2017] Did Anybody Really “Win” The Conference Wars?

  1. volvocrusher says:

    Based on what I played at E3, my top 3 would go to Super Lucky’s Tale, Dragonball Fighter Z, and Super Mario Odyssey. But the Odyssey demon was VERY short.

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