My Work

My name is Daniel Sims and I’m a freelance writer who has made a hobby of blogging since around 2004, mainly about tech and video games. I actually started doing this on way back before it shut down, and enough people seemed to appreciate it for me to start moving my posts to an independent space.

I’ve written for places like PC Gamer, USGamer,, Paste Magazine, and GameSpy. I use my blog to keep busy, develop and expand on my thoughts, and hopefully garner some meaningful discussion. My actual work experience is on my LinkedIn profile and the articles page on this blog.

I try to update this page at least once a week, usually on Fridays. For the most part it’s just comments on what’s happening in the video game industry and what games I’m currently playing from my own viewpoint. I try to make them unique enough to be worth publishing online.


One thought on “My Work

  1. Explicitbaron says:

    I have also found a hobby writing about video games. Seeing as you are a professional writer could you check out my blog and tell me what you think of my writing. I’m a college student who loves video games and I’m a pretty decent writer, but I am also a lazy writer.

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