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How Iwata Represented Nintendo

nintendo-half-mast As of this writing I only got the news of Satoru Iwata’s passing about an hour ago, but there’s really only one general thought I want to get out there which underscores nearly everything I’ve said about Nintendo on this blog. Other people will undoubtedly go over aspects of Iwata’s life like his lesser-known programming feats before becoming Nintendo’s CEO. A lot of people will probably also cover the points I’m about to here. I just want to get it out there that I think, as the head of a company, Iwata did a really good job of defining what Nintendo is and has always been about compared to the rest of the video game industry.

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How Much Of A Nintendo Game Is Metroid Really?


Ever since E3 I’ve kind of avoided talking about all the anger around Metroid Prime: Federation Force but since then I’ve seen a lot more anger recently about what’s happened to the whole franchise. Plus Unseen64 just released some new insights into the development of the franchise. Maybe this is because I haven’t been a fan all the way from the beginning, but I’ve just been like “whatever.” I’m not gonna get mad if Nintendo lays off of the franchises that don’t sell Mario and Mario Kart numbers. Continue reading

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April 2015 Nintendo Direct Shows Sustainability, If Little Else

I think it was during a past investor meeting that Nintendo head Satoru Iwata said the company’s plan for the rest of the Wii U’s life cycle was, overall, to keep current owners satisfied. This week’s Nintendo Direct for the most part seems to prove that’s the plan it’s going through with for its current hardware.

An April Nintendo Direct probably isn’t the place to look for attempts at system sellers or really anything to significantly change the landscape of the Wii U and 3DS, but looking at the whole situation with Nintendo right now, I’m not sure we’ll be getting anything of the sort until it unravels Codename NX next year. Everything I saw this week looked like a very strong push at keeping the current momentum going at a steady pace. Continue reading

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How Much Will Mobile Really Help Nintendo?

AS20150317004618_commL At the time of this writing I’ve had around 12 hours to digest the latest Nintendo megaton, which I was only awake for at the time of announcement because I couldn’t sleep last night. Overall, I think its mobile deal with DeNA foreshadows some potentially good and bad things for the future of Nintendo and its platforms. It’s way too early to tell which outweights the others.

However, I think we do need to look at this in terms of how it tackles what remain Nintendo’s biggest problems. Continue reading

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Nintendo Direct Did Not Make Me More Excited For 3DS

Before the latest Nintendo Direct I was contemplating if I was almost done with mainstream support of the 3DS. Now I know I very nearly am.

Now this is pretty much all a matter of personal preference on my part. There was a lot for people to enjoy for the system in this week’s Nintendo update. I’m just not one of those people. Probably not in 2015 anyway. My priority will likely switch completely to the Wii U. Continue reading

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How Much Longer Does The 3DS Have?


Checking Club Nintendo’s front page today reminded me to look up the 3DS’s release calendar going into 2015 wondering if it felt light. 2014 was already a little light for the system and I’m wondering if this is going to be its last year of significance on the market.

We don’t know much, and we shouldn’t this early into the year — there’s a good chance we’ll get a Nintendo Direct this month, but what we do know is a lot less than we know about software lineups for other platforms. Then you’ve got the new model and rumblings of Nintendo’s next hardware cycle which could emerge over the next two or three years. Continue reading

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Nintendo Direct: IP Parading And IP Neglect

Nintendo’s November 2014 Direct told me one thing above all else: it’s trying to prop up the value its franchises as much as possible. All of them. I can understand why, I just wish it would translate into more full games for certain franchises. Continue reading

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Nintendo’s Digital Distribution Makes Surprising Leaps (…For Nintendo)


For something like 10 years now Nintendo has been the butt of every conversation about video games and online infrastructure. I’ve sometimes been in defense of the ideas behind what the company is trying to do, and with recent efforts you have to admit they’re getting better, even if there’s one glaring issue left they need to resolve. Continue reading

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The Value Of Midnight Launches


After stating how rarely I buy games at launch or at full price, it’s not hard to assume I even more seldom go to midnight launches anymore. Going to the one for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS has me reexamining the value of them. Some value can still be found, depending on why you go. Continue reading

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Monster Manor And The Potential of StreetPass

MonsterManor_071513_1600 copy

Geek events like Otakon are bound to be nests of 3DS StreetPass. In places that don’t have Japan’s population density they are often the only chance to really get into Nintendo’s StreetPass minigames. I actually spent a significant portion of my time at Otakon playing Monster Manor. It’s a surprisingly deep and fun game for how little talk I’ve seen about it over the last year or so.

The game Find Mii that comes with the 3DS is a really basic Dragon Quest-esque thing where you do nothing more than turn-based battle after turn-based battle. It’s the kind of thing convention-goers can passively play while also enjoying the convention. Monster Manor though, if you haven’t tried it, is some kind of Resident Evil/Tetris/RPG mash-up that actually occupied my time and full attention, especially after I got stuck at one of the later bosses for a while. That forced me to really start taking the game seriously which in my experience unlocked its potential.

In the game you have to match together pieces you get from nearby 3DS owners on a map of each floor of a mansion to eventually unlock the stairs to the next floor. Rooms of 2×2 or more cubes of matching colors yield treasure. Larger cubes yield progressively better loot. Originally I just slammed together any piece I got looking for staircases but I eventually got stuck on a boss with only crap weapons at my disposal, which forced me to grind for more throughout previous floors. I had to scrutinize each piece I got, finding the most perfect place for it, making groups of colored pieces as large as possible to yield the best loot. It eventually reached  a point where I ended up throwing away half the pieces I got because I couldn’t use them the way I wanted. What I’m trying to say is, Monster Manor would probably make for a fun standalone game were it matched with some kind of puzzle mechanic to substitute for StreetPass.

It also makes me wonder why other full-retail 3DS games don’t do more with StreetPass. Part of the reason I bought Pokemon X recently was StreetPass at Otakon, but all you get from StreetPass in that game is an alternate currency. That’s basically what most 3DS games I’ve seen give you from StreetPass — an alternate source of items or in-game currency in one form or another. It’d be nice if they had some kind of cool minigame at least. Monster Manor even manages to have a minigame within itself. Super Mario 3D Land at least made me go through miniature challenges to get the items.

Even if StreetPass is still a woefully mismatched feature for basically any region outside Nintendo’s native Japan, it still has potential that a lot of third party developers don’t seem to be using extensively. I guess you’re always going to have third parties who don’t particularly care about certain OS-level features.


  • If you look closely, you’ll notice the Xbox One’s upcoming media player update will add MKV playback to the console. I and many others have been waiting a long time for this. Hopefully Sony follows suit. Game consoles NOT supporting MKV was a main reason I hooked up a gaming PC to my TV.
  • Think about it: What are the greatest third-person shooters of all time?
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