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Modern Controller Adapters And User Interface Challenges


It’s pretty clear now we’ve reached a new era when it comes to intercompatibility between different controllers and game platforms, and it’s been having ramifications for accessibility design in games for a while now. I’d been watching this unfold just on PC ever since Valve started adding so much controller functionality to Steam, but buying Mayflash’s MAGIC-NS adapter this past week has felt like a major step in completing the puzzle. Continue reading

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Otakon 2019 Photoblog: A Glimpse At Today’s Arcade Games


I attended Otakon again this year, and while it’s mainly an anime industry and fan convention, the stuff related to the anime industry wasn’t a main highlight for me. There were a lot of anime industry guests and panels, but what took me aback the most this year was how much the gaming corner had been expanded. I guess the move to Washington DC’s convention center gave Otakon the space to gradually turn its gaming room into a full-blown facsimile of a Japanese arcade. I don’t know if it’s a legit look into what’s actually hot in Japanese arcades these days, but to me it’s been short of a shocking peek into how much Japanese arcade games have changed since they more or less died in western countries. Continue reading

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What Would Get Me Back Into A GameStop


As more worry starts to surface surrounding GameStop, with falling stock prices and fears that digital is finally hurting it, I realize it’s actually been a while since I’ve shopped at the store. I’m not gonna say it’s impossible for a store like GameStop to get my money again, but the path is pretty narrow and unclear from what I can see. Continue reading

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Late to the Party: Metal Slug


After spending 80 hours finishing the main story of Generation Zero I wanted to do some shorter games before doing another large-commitment game, and SNK’s Metal Slug has been both on my backlog for years and a franchise I’ve looked at from afar since it showed up in arcades in the 90’s. As of this writing I went through the arcade modes of the original Metal Slug and Metal Slug X real quick and then got through some of Metal Slug 3.

I can clearly see these are still arcade games originally designed to siphon quarters, but they still have fast, precise action with varied level design and beautiful sprite graphics. Continue reading

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Otakon 2018 Photoblog (And Late To The Party: Taiko no Tatsujin)


Last weekend I attended Otakon 2018 in DC, and amidst the screenings, panels, shopping, and gaming, a highlight for me was getting to play the arcade version of Taiko no Tatsujin (also known as Taiko Drum Master) for the first time. A bit auspicious seeing as western countries are finally getting another one of those games this fall. Continue reading

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Capcom And Modern Fighting Games


The March NPD report has been another hit of bad news to strike Street Fighter V. After the game’s disappointing commercial debut in February, it failed to chart in March. Worse, one fighting game that did chart was Pokken Tournament for the Wii U — a dead console. One comment from someone on NeoGAF who people seem to trust to know these things, suggests the debut numbers for Pokken may actually already be close to SFV’s lifetime sales. Producer Yoshinori Ono has already admitted Capcom underestimated how much the casual audience matters in fighting game sales today. I think SFV’s launch speaks to a deeper issue with regards to how Capcom has been approaching the fighting game genre since… well since 3rd Strike really. Continue reading

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The Life Of Street Fighter


Street Fighter V is out now, but I also let the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter II slip by me. There’s not really much I can talk about concerning SFII though other than my own first experiences with the game (and fighting games in general). Continue reading

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I Wish More Publishers Let You Buy DRM-Free ROMs.


This week SNK Playmore just launched what some might consider the greatest Humble Bundle of all time: around 20 DRM-free NeoGeo games, but what’s underneath that nearly touches on a kind of digital distribution I’ve wanted to see someone attempt for a while. I think we’re a long way from actually seeing a publisher deliberately do it, but there are places where we can already effectively make it happen. Continue reading

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Late To The Party: G-Darius


I think the second post I ever wrote for this blog was about Darius. If you don’t know, Taito is in the midst of releasing the first major console game in the franchise in almost 20 years. Another significant thing about Dariusburst Chronicle Savoirs is it’s going to be $60 on PS4 and $50 on PC, which in this market is asking a bit much for a shoot em’ up.

When reading about this I remembered that a few years ago I’d found an original PlayStation copy of the 1998 G-Darius which was the last significant Darius game for a console, but I hadn’t played it much at all. So, I want ahead and rectified that for a few hours. Continue reading

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Otakon 2015 Photoblog


I don’t really have a big story to go on about coming out of Otakon 2015. The main reason I’m doing this post is really just to share some cosplay photos I took, and there aren’t a whole bunch. Continue reading

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