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My Top Games of the 2010’s


Looking back through all my game-of-the-year blog posts since 2010, I’ve decided not to try to get to a “top 10” games of the 2010’s. I certainly played more than 10 incredible games that came out since 2010, but I’d rather shave my list down to a very special few. My vague criteria really just come down to the games I still think about a lot today and the games I still think about playing today. Maybe there are more that would’ve made a bigger impact on me had I the time to play them as much as I wanted, but this is just how things turned out.

One thing I did notice looking back is that, to be honest, the first half of this decade was somewhat lukewarm in my experience. It’s probably a result of my specific tastes, but for the most part it felt like big game developers were in a holding pattern from 2011 to around 2015. 2011 was one of the significant years of recent memory actually, but at the same time it felt like games were desperately trying to break free of the limitations of the PS3 and Xbox 360, and when the PS4 and Xbox One finally came it took until 2015 for the real great games of that new console generation to arrive. For whatever reason, the 2010’s games that are sticking with me the most are the more recent ones Mostly. Continue reading

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Different Kinds of Game Difficulty


I haven’t been playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice yet but I’ve heard the conversations surrounding its notorious difficulty (even compared to From Software’s Dark Souls games) and the subject of easy modes in games. What I did do was review Mechstermination Force for Indie Game Website — and that’s also a pretty tough game. I think that, pertaining to this conversation, there are generally two kinds of “hard game”. Continue reading

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The Last Demon’s Souls (For Real This Time)


Twice before, Sony Computer Entertainment said it was shutting down the servers for Demon’s Souls, but this time it actually happened. I managed to get a little bit more time with the game in before the online features at its core were shut down on February 28th. It’s still my favorite Souls game, and is still arguably my top PlayStation 3 game. Playing it this pats week just reinforced my feelings about why it’s unique, even apart from its sequels, the Dark Souls games. Continue reading

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My Reactions To Different Weapon Durability Systems


Undoubtedly the most divisive feature in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been its weapon degradation system. The discussion over it has gotten me looking back at how I’ve reacted to weapon degradation in previous games only to find it hasn’t been a uniform reaction at all.

In short, weapon degradation is one of those things that in the context of game design is just a tool to be used in different ways. Different developers may use it to different effects for different kinds of games. Like open-worlds in general or quick-time events or whatever else, I don’t believe weapon degradation is universally good or bad. Continue reading

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On Nioh: Nobody Ever Make RPGs About Feudal Japan


I didn’t get a PlayStation 4 until after the original alpha demo for Team Ninja’s Nioh had expired, and also couldn’t get in on the beta demo in time, so this “Last Chance Trial” was the first time I got to check the game out. Aside from the quality of the game itself, I just need to say I’m glad somebody based a deep role playing game on feudal Japan. Continue reading

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Five Years Later, Does Anyone Really “Get” Dark Souls?


The first Dark Souls is five years old, director Hidetaka Miyazaki has said some things about his future projects, the first piece of downloadable content for Dark Souls III is coming up, and I just realized I’ve talked almost not at all about Dark Souls III here since before I started playing it.

I think I’ve said enough in previous posts about why I like Dark Souls or the “real” reasons why it’s good beyond just its unusual difficulty. I think this post and the last part of this one are the best summations. The only thing I can really say about Dark Souls III in particular is that it is a consummate video game. That may sound like a bland thing to say, but I think that actually makes it unique among the big releases we get these days. When I say “consummate,”I mean it in the most classical way possible for traditional Japanese console action games. Continue reading

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My Dark Souls III Battle Plan


Everybody who isn’t already playing the Japanese version of Dark Souls III is probably thinking about what class they’re gonna roll this time around. Well, that’s not totally the right question to ask when talking about strategy in Dark Souls, but the point is anybody who’s experienced with these games has got to be formulating their game plan at this point. I’ve been slowly diversifying ever since starting Demon’s Souls and I think Dark Souls III might be an opportunity for me to really try something different. Continue reading

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What I Miss From Demon’s Souls


In the middle of a new game plus run through Demon’s Souls in these last few days before Dark Souls III drops, I think I’m gonna lay down why Demon’s Souls is my personal favorite Souls game. The first Dark Souls might objectively be the best one in terms of level design or UI or combat mechanics, but there are some things I personally prefer about how Demon’s Souls was put together. I should probably preface all this by saying I still haven’t played Bloodborne, and don’t know when I’ll acquire a PS4 on which to play it. Continue reading

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Weapon Mastery In Demon’s Souls


A lot of people probably decided to roll through one of the previous Souls games to get ready for Dark Souls III. My choice was Demon’s Souls, and not only did I gain a new appreciation for the game, I also ended up learning a lot more about it and probably Souls games in general. Continue reading

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Why Some Might Dislike Witcher 3’s Combat


I finally got back into The Witcher 3 with the Hearts of Stone expansion pack. Every time this game is discussed online you get people who couldn’t play it because of the “terrible combat” or “terrible gameplay.” I’ve been a defender of Witcher 3’s systems on this site but the expansion has made me think more on just why many people feel one way or the other way about the combat and other systems in this game. I think it’s biggest problem is the difficulty curve, which clouds the depth CDProjekt RED put into Witcher 3 for a lot of players. Continue reading

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