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2015 Couch Multiplayer Suggestions For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving usually means family gatherings, and when I was a kid that usually meant whole afternoons of video games with cousins or close friends. It was only recently that I looked back and noticed the association of that day with local multiplayer gaming, which has sort of been on the wane for big releases for a while now. That’s why every Thanksgiving now I like to look up what the latest good local multiplayer games are. Last year I think I held up the console version of Diablo III as the main option for those who don’t own a Nintendo console. Continue reading

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What’s The Best Way To Port A Game From PC To Console?


Two oddities of 2015 have been the enhanced versions of Divinity Original Sin and Wasteland 2. Both are hailed as returns to the old school traditional computer RPG, but have gotten console versions. Beyond the interest in seeing how the console audience would respond to such games, it’s kind of nice seeing their developers put proper commitment into carefully converting these games for play on controllers.

PC games, among them PC RPGs, have been ported to consoles for decades, but from what I can tell most of the time the conversion is either somewhat sloppy or a completely different game. What prompted this look back for me was an article Gamasutra just ran on how Larian Studios went about making the console user interface and control scheme for Original Sin. I haven’t played it or Wasteland, nor have I actually played most of the games I’m going to write about so I’m not really the person to look deep into this issue right now, but I still think it’s worth bringing up. Continue reading

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BioWare Is Kind Of An Anomaly On Consoles


Playing the Dragon Age Inquisition trial EA put on Origin and discussing how it handles its combat system made me realize something about what BioWare is trying to do. You ever think about how many other western developers released party-based RPGs on consoles? Continue reading

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