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How Much Of A Nintendo Game Is Metroid Really?


Ever since E3 I’ve kind of avoided talking about all the anger around Metroid Prime: Federation Force but since then I’ve seen a lot more anger recently about what’s happened to the whole franchise. Plus Unseen64 just released some new insights into the development of the franchise. Maybe this is because I haven’t been a fan all the way from the beginning, but I’ve just been like “whatever.” I’m not gonna get mad if Nintendo lays off of the franchises that don’t sell Mario and Mario Kart numbers. Continue reading

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15 Years Of Deus Ex, And Its future


Despite having gone through a fair bit of trouble to put together a big list of gaming-related anniversaries that will occur this year, one occurring today — the 15th anniversary of the original Deus Ex, snuck right up on me. I didn’t have any time to revisit the game, but I think the recent E3 presentation of the upcoming Deus Ex: Mankind Divided offers an interesting contrast when thinking about what game that game is shaping up to be and what it could be. Continue reading

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[E3 2015] This Is Likely Why No Man’s Sky Is So Confusing


Another major gaming event has gone by and No Man’s Sky has had another major showing leaving a bunch of people still confused about it. Based on some E3 interviews I’m starting to figure out just why these people are confused and why developer Hello Games is being pretty cagey about the fine details of the game. This is going to sound pretty harsh, but it seems to me like most of the disconnect is coming from PS4 owners who are only used to console games and the way console games are advertised. Continue reading

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[E3 2015] I Really Don’t Want Ubisoft To Screw Up Ghost Recon Wildlands

If Ghost Recon: Wildlands turns out to be everything people are saying it is right now, it could be one of my personal top debuts of E3 2015. I’m serious, even after everything I’ve gotten sick and tired of from Ubisoft. I’m not ready to say the publisher’s games are turning a corner and that new hardware is actually letting them innovate a bit, I’m just saying at least one new game looks like the evolution I’ve always wanted to see. Continue reading

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[E3 2015] Xbox Game Preview And Console Gaming’s Inevitable March Towards PC


Some of the announcements I saw at Bethesda’s and Microsoft’s E3 2015 press conferences look to me like some people are really trying to bring some of the advantages of PC gaming to consoles. This could end up being a continuation of how consoles are becoming more and more like PCs.

Bethesda came out with two of the major announcements that could possibly further the trend. First you have DOOM’s SnapMap thing which basically looks like an extremely in-depth map and mode editor for all versions of the game. Then you have Bethesda’s attempt to make Fallout 4 PC-created mods available to console players. Then you have Microsoft’s new Xbox equivalent to Steam Early Access. This is all gonna speed up and further diversify content creation on consoles, which I think are in dire need of diversity in their software libraries. Continue reading

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[E3 2015] New DOOM VS Old DOOM


As DOOM has kicked off E3 2015, I’m already hearing complaints that it doesn’t look like 1990’s DOOM. They’re right. It doesn’t, but it still looks like it could be an excellent shooter based on what we’ve seen and id Software’s recent history. Continue reading

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[E3 2015] PC Gaming And Press Conference Hype

pc_gaming_show_e3_2015-870x373 copy

E3 2015 is really just looking like an event where a lot of cool games will be announced. That’s what all the predictions are about right now which for some reason makes them less interesting to me. Since it’s a mid-console-generation E3 I don’t expect to see anything there suggesting upcoming fundamental changes to the medium (I don’t think VR is THAT close to be honest). One odd thing that is coming though is the PC Gaming Conference. I think a lot about PC gaming kind of goes counter to what a lot of E3 is about. Continue reading

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I Really Don’t Want EA To Screw Up Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


There’s a lot I’m excited about and interested in for E3 next week. I’m probably not going to devote blog posts to predictions or anything like that since I don’t consider mine to be that special. The one game I might be the most concerned about right now though is EA DICE’s recently titled Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Continue reading

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2015’s Upcoming Summer Doldrums


For some reason I keep thinking each new year is going to be the year where enough good games come out during the summer. There have actually been a few summers where at least some decent, under-the-radar games come out. Sadly, 2015 doesn’t look like it’s going to be one of those years.

Recently I’ve said 2015 will actually be a pretty good year for big releases, particularly for the PS4 and Xbox One because it seems like great games will finally come that are actually meant for those systems. Even with the recent delays I still think that’s true. After May however you’re probably going to have to wait until fall for that to happen.

Basically, Batman: Arkham Knight is it. At least as far as anyone can really confirm right now. Continue reading

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Let’s Put The Zelda Wii U Delay Into Perspective

If the delay of the Wii U Legend of Zelda game into 2016 has you seriously panicked about the Wii U, Nintendo, or your gaming schedule for the next 12 months, I think you need to chill.

A lot has come forth concerning Nintendo over the last couple weeks, but I think I’m gonna take a minute to go over what we know is still coming this year to the Wii U. Honestly, I think it has another couple significant years left in it despite the system’s commercial performance. Continue reading

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