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Tactical RPG Musings Part Three: Stella Glow And Mercenaries Saga 2 Demos


It seems I was never really the only person wondering what happened to tactical role playing games on portable systems — why we never got a new Final Fantasy Tactics or something like that on the 3DS or Vita. The Vita got a new Disgaea game sure, and I think the 3DS got ports of the Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor (is that the right “Devil” title?) games, but it’s nothing like the growth the subgenre saw on the DS and PSP. I spent a little time this week playing demos for a couple more I didn’t realize were on the 3DS that at east try to satiate some of the thirst. Continue reading

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Modern Tactical RPG Musings Part Two: The Possibilities For Japanese Strategy Games On PC


Last time I gave a quick impression of Lord of Magna for the 3DS while briefly talking about other Japanese tactical RPGs and how they’ve been handled in the western market as of late. These observations along with some interesting solid information I’ve come across has made me start to wonder about the future possibilities for Japanese strategy games in western markets.

I’m starting to wonder if more western PC releases for Japanese strategy games like Valkyria Chronicles and soon Nobunaga’s Ambition might bring those games to more accepting markets. Would the traditional CRPG audience lap up a game like Tactics Ogre? Continue reading

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April 2015 Nintendo Direct Shows Sustainability, If Little Else

I think it was during a past investor meeting that Nintendo head Satoru Iwata said the company’s plan for the rest of the Wii U’s life cycle was, overall, to keep current owners satisfied. This week’s Nintendo Direct for the most part seems to prove that’s the plan it’s going through with for its current hardware.

An April Nintendo Direct probably isn’t the place to look for attempts at system sellers or really anything to significantly change the landscape of the Wii U and 3DS, but looking at the whole situation with Nintendo right now, I’m not sure we’ll be getting anything of the sort until it unravels Codename NX next year. Everything I saw this week looked like a very strong push at keeping the current momentum going at a steady pace. Continue reading

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Nintendo Direct Did Not Make Me More Excited For 3DS

Before the latest Nintendo Direct I was contemplating if I was almost done with mainstream support of the 3DS. Now I know I very nearly am.

Now this is pretty much all a matter of personal preference on my part. There was a lot for people to enjoy for the system in this week’s Nintendo update. I’m just not one of those people. Probably not in 2015 anyway. My priority will likely switch completely to the Wii U. Continue reading

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Otakon 2013: Why Can’t I Hold All These StreetPasses?


Otakon is an anime convention but video games have infiltrated it pretty thoroughly over the years. In the last couple years this has been happening through the 3DS, which basically everybody has at the con.

If you’re a 3DS owner living in the US you probably know how hard it is to get streetpasses. Nintendo has had to change the entire way the feature works in this region just to get Americans to use it. This all changes at any event where thousands of geeks gather, Otakon being no exception.

I’ll tell you right now that probably 90 percent of the streetpasses I get all this year will probably have been from the three days I attended Otakon. The worst part is that you literally can’t catch them all. A few minutes into the con I gave up and just decided to grab them whenever I could.

There are so many people walking around with 3DSs that it presents an effectively infinite stream of streetpasses. Any and every time I opened my 3DS within the walls of the convention center I found the Mii Plaza at its capacity of 10 new Miis ready to greet me. Of course this let me blast through the Mii Plaza games.

It’s almost like Nintendo knew people were gonna use Otakon for streetpasses when they decided to release the new Mii Plaza games in the US this summer. I finally finished Find Mii (which I’d started at the last Otakon), blew through all of Mii Force, and got through a good portion of Monster Manor. In the end I think I grabbed something like 300 Miis in three days, but I saw some people who’d done twice that.

A really cool side effect of the leveling system Miis go through when you meet them multiple times is that when I went back to my hotel each night I met more or less the same group of Miis — probably people staying in adjacent rooms, some of which got to around level 5.

The egregious part though was the full 3DS games that used streetpass. I gave up on catching Fire Emblem Awakening streetpasses on the first morning. The game will hold up to 50 streetpasses at a time, but each individual one constitutes a party of NPCs that you can barter with or battle. That’s potentially twice as many battles as the entire main quest. My game was filled to capacity on streetpasses 30 minutes after I got in line on the first morning of the con. I still haven’t touched any of them yet.

Even worse is what happened to me and Shin Megami Tensei IV. I’d basically gotten through the tutorial and decided to take a break on the game, not realizing that in order to activate streetpass you have to reach a certain point a bit further in the main quest. I ended up spending probably half the con trying to burn through the game up to that point. I spent a chunk of Saturday night banging my head against the boss after which you can use streetpass. After all that, I wasn’t even able to get a dozen (the game’s capacity) of streetpasses. People were playing SMT IV at Otakon this year, but in popularity it seemed to be distantly behind Animal Crossing New Leaf and Fire Emblem.

Maybe Nintendo’s new streetpass relay system will work as intended. At least Nintendo’s starting to realize they can’t get the system to work as-is outside of Japan unless you get thousands of enthusiasts together in one building.


  • Legend of Dungeon on Steam looks pretty cool.
  • My custom box art for Dragon’s Crownbit.ly/14KsZ0C
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