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The Game Gear’s Lessons After 25 Years


There sure are some anniversaries going down in October 2015, so it might look like I’m putting these kinds of posts out in rapid fire. Maybe it’s gonna be like this every fall since that’s usually the biggest season for game releases. Today’s post is about a platform though, and a Japanese release from the early 90’s at that. Continue reading

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In case anyone reading this blog cares, the 3DS will start selling Game Gear games on its Virtual Console next week.  The first question out of a lot of people’s mouths about this is probably something like “did the Game Gear even have any exclusives worth playing today?”  Well…

I don’t really know how popular Sega’s handheld was in real world terms, but back in the day I knew a fair number of people who had one.  Where I lived it felt like a legit competitor to the Game Boy even though that system probably beat the crap out of it commercially.  Still, even unsuccessful systems end up having a few great games.

The one thing I’m anticipating is Sonic Triple Trouble.  Most Game Gear fans will probably talk about that platform’s version of Sonic 2 but I honestly never liked that one.  Sonic Chaos and Triple Trouble are where it was at.  The levels were simple compared to what you got on the Genesis (some almost barren of enemies), but those games were still great, original handheld iterations of the franchise that I played for years.  Triple Trouble might be the best Sonic game available on the 3DS when it hits Virtual Console.

I hear people talking about two other properties in particular when they speak of good, original Game Gear games.  I’ve heard good things said about Shinobi on the Game Gear, and that’s an underplayed franchise these days.  The same goes to Shining Force along with some other basic but fun JRPGs on the system.  Basically, the games pictured above.

For the most part though, the Game Gear was kind of a port system.  It was back then what the PSP was during its early years or what the Vita is now – a platform for faithful handheld ports of what we were playing on consoles.

A lot of the great console games of the 16-bit era got Game Boy ports, but nobody ever expected them to really be the same games.  Before owning a Game Gear, whenever I saw my friends who had one, the thing that always caught my attention was how they were playing impressively competent ports of what I was playing on the Genesis.  The question is: does that really matter at all now?

None of the console games that much of the Game Gear’s library emulated are available on the 3DS’s 3Shop, but only for artificial reasons.  All it would take would be for Nintendo to unify the Virtual Console ecosystem between the 3DS and Wii (or Wii-U), and I fear much of the Game Gear’s library becomes irrelevant, unless people like the portable conversion of Sonic 2 that much.

At least I’ll finally be able to play Triple Trouble on something with actual battery life though – and without having to carry around that travel adaptor.


  • I try to log into the Phantasy Star Online homebrew servers to find they are full.  Must mean people still play the game.  Sega, I don’t know why you haven’t seized on this opportunity for some kind of F2P version of this game, or an English version of PSO2.
  • Resident Evil Code Veronica X worth $10?  The Dreamacast version was my first RE game.  I started it several times but never actually finished it, and never got to play X.
  • If you don’t own Stacking yet it just hit Steam and is on sale for $10 right now.
  • If you’ve had problems importing a Commander Shepard you originally made in the first Mass Effect into Mass Effect 3, here’s a guide to mitigate the problem.
  • Both District B-13 movies for $21 on Blu-Ray. These are basically the movies that inspired Mirror’s Edge.
  • If you don’t like blue shells in Mario Kart, Nintendo has pretty much admitted that it’s become somewhat of a game of chance at this point: http://t.co/JlZ93zkz

How Much Is The Game Gear Worth?

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