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2015 Couch Multiplayer Suggestions For Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving usually means family gatherings, and when I was a kid that usually meant whole afternoons of video games with cousins or close friends. It was only recently that I looked back and noticed the association of that day with local multiplayer gaming, which has sort of been on the wane for big releases for a while now. That’s why every Thanksgiving now I like to look up what the latest good local multiplayer games are. Last year I think I held up the console version of Diablo III as the main option for those who don’t own a Nintendo console. Continue reading

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A Pre-E3 Look At Fall 2014 Exclusives

We better see some good stuff at E3 in a couple weeks to make up for all these delays. Sony’s recent delay of The Order 1886 is just the latest in a series that’s sucking the new consoles dry of exclusives for this year.

The Order is now slated for 2015, Halo 5 is 2015, there are rumors Uncharted 4 might be 2015, there’s no way Quantum Break is coming out this year. As far as we know heading into E3, for fall 2014 exclusives Microsoft now has Sunset Overdrive and possibly some classic Halo ports for Xbox One, and Sony has Driveclub and a PS4 port of The Last of Us. Right now it actually looks like Super Smash Bros. might be the most significant first party console game coming out this fall.

The fall 2014 lineup still looks great, but it’s all multi-platform third party games, many of which are still cross-generation. Call of Duty is still cross-gen this year, Dragon Age Inquisition is cross-gen, Far Cry 4 is cross-gen, Destiny is cross-gen. It seems this fall still won’t be quite the definitive moment for console gamers to fully enter this new generation. Though, I think this will be the first time we see a good number of tantalizing games that are only on the new machines: Batman: Arkham Knight, Evolve, and Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Coming into E3, this leaves the playing field oddly even between Sony and Microsoft. They both undoubtedly have plays to make in the coming weeks, so this E3 is going to be important not only when it comes to looking forward into next year, but also in determining what console a lot of people will get this fall. Both companies have yet to really prove their new machines are really worth investing in. If someone does make the case, right now it seems it’ll be a third party.


  • This post is pretty late (and short) because I got knocked out by a fever all day yesterday.
  • Whoa. This is project 2015. http://t.co/PtZtCgoQGZ (Slightly NSFW)
  • Finally finished Coffee Prince. I don’t think I’m gonna let myself get sucked into K-drama long-term.
  • Well that’s one way to deter piracy… http://t.co/5MwHcNMjr5
  • Well, now I really have to get ArmA 3. http://t.co/cBophcv9Ah
  • Castle Vidcons 131. http://t.co/lmpKYbGs0h
  • This Space Coybow stuff makes me the most excited I’ve ever been to play the next Sky Rogue alpha. http://t.co/Rouooxb8z9
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