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For Anyone Still Curious About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered (The Campaign)


DISCLAIMER: Not caring that much about multiplayer shooters these days, I’m just talking about the campaign right now. Plus, I played this game on PC, and the PC multiplayer base for Call of Duty has been vanishing for years now, probably due to much more competition for multiplayer shooters existing on PC compared to consoles (Counter-Strike for instance).

I imagine since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is still as of this writing only available as part of the $80 USD Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition a lot of people possibly interested in playing it haven’t hopped on yet. I got it as a gift some time ago and finally found the time to go through the campaign after also taking another run through the original 2007 version (in 4K, modern PCs can do that for games that old). Despite the visual overhaul Infinity Ward and Raven Software (and a few other teams I think) put into this remaster already having been apparent in pre-release videos, it was still surprising and dramatic enough to draw me back into the campaign just as much as I had been almost 10 years ago.

Modern Warfare Remastered is dope both because the original Call of Duty 4 is still dope and because it took the right balance between an extensive visual enhancement and faithfulness to the original game. Continue reading

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[Halloween 2016] Why/If You Should Play The Original Resident Evil


For Halloween I’d been meaning to finally grab the HD remaster of the 2002 remake of the original Resident Evil, install it on my laptop, and play it while waiting by my front door to give out candy. The PC version is half-off on the Humble Store as of this writing (still Steam DRM though). I played the 2002 Gamecube version extensively, but spent a little bit with it before Halloween to remind myself just what it was about this game. By many modern standards it might be considered an awful game, but depending on your mindset and expectations it might still be a great game. Continue reading

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Pixel Graphic Resolutions


When you’re playing an emulated classic game on PC like Sonic 2 or a really low-end indie game like Cave Story, do you run the games at full-screen or do you play them in tiny windows at their original resolutions? Recently I’ve found myself going from the former solution to the latter.

It’s one of those things I go back-and-forth on when dealing with low-resolution games. I’ve been having the same back-and-forth with whether or not to use CRT scanlines (currently I’m for them). Both have the same end goal: to cover up the flaws in games that were designed around really old and really small displays. Continue reading

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HD Remasters Are Counter To EA’s Business Model

Since at least last year I’ve suspected someone at EA just doesn’t believe in doing HD remasters. Now we have confirmation of this from COO Peter Moore himself.

To me, Moore’s comments sound like they came right off the top of his head and ignore all the nuances of why developers and publishers do remasters as well as why people buy them. Thinking about it though, it makes perfect sense that EA doesn’t do remasters at all. Continue reading

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The Completion of Taxman And Stealth’s Sonic [Updated]

Correction: I’ve only just now become aware of the involvement of the entire other half of the team behind the classic Sonic remasters — Simon “Stealth” Thornley. This blog post has been updated to include Stealth’s role in the projects. My sincerest apologies.

I’ve been aware of Christian “Taxman” Whitehead’s efforts to remaster Sonic The Hedgehog 3 for a while, but never really paid them a whole lot of attention. It’s only now after someone asked me to bring some attention to the petition for its release that I’ve investigated the project and become a lot more interested in maybe one day playing it. My only reservations are regarding platforms and support. Continue reading

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The Future Of Resident Evil’s Past


Capcom seems to be pleased with the digital sales of its latest Resident Evil HD remaster which already has fans giddy. I think I want to put out what I’d like to call some realistic expectations for how Capcom might or might not build on this.

Mostly, my expectations are based on what Capcom is actually willing to do from a technology and production standpoint. It’s a little easier to see what potential re-releases might do better commercially, but it’s definitely not as easy as flipping an “HD remaster” switch on any given game, especially when you’re talking about games this old. Continue reading

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Hypothetical HD Remasters: EA Edition


While I was thinking about the other big Japanese publishers in this discussion I suddenly realized how seldom Electronic Arts has done HD remasters. It’s released basically two: Medal of Honor Frontline HD, and the PS3 version of Dead Space Extraction. There are at least several more that either I or enough other people would probably find worth buying.

Maybe EA just doesn’t believe in the idea of HD remasters. I’m kind of surprised a company like EA isn’t at least trying to pump them out to bilk more cash from consumers. Let’s say they actually did try to do this though. There’s certainly no shortage of games and franchises they could re-release, improved by modern hardware. Continue reading

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Plausible HD Remasters and PC Ports I’d Want From Namco


A little under a month ago I covered a list of PC ports I’d like to see from Capcom that I thought actually had a chance of happening. I might end up just going down through all the major Japanese publishers on this subject. Right now it’s Namco’s turn.

With Namco however I won’t just talk about PC ports. Namco’s actually released a few games on Steam already. What we haven’t seen much of from Namco are HD remasters of any sort. They’ve released the first couple Soul Calibur games and Tekken Tag Tournament in HD on PS3 and 360, and that’s it, along with a PS3 version of Tales of Symphonia (oh, and Tales of Graces f if you count that). I don’t know if Tales is any indication of Namco moving forward with these plans — Namco did indicate HD releases of the Xenosaga games are possible, but there’s still a lot from them that I’d love to play in updated forms. Continue reading

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Where Are The Actual Next-Gen Games?


So, “definitive next-gen experience,” Evolve has been delayed to 2015, The Last of Us just got a remaster for PS4, Capcom just announced a remaster of the original Resident Evil for the current consoles, and now Sleeping Dogs is getting a remaster. Oh, and the PlayStation Blog has spent a lot of its time hyping indie games on PS4 and Vita. I’m not against remasters or indie games at all, but I can see why some people are starting to resent them.

A lot of people probably spent $400 on these new consoles so they could play some actual new games that feel like a next level in console gaming. Not only have we seen little of that over the last several months, but publishers seem to be taking the remaster trend into overdrive.

About a year ago I did a blog post speculating about this. Going back and reading it is a bit shocking due to how many games I guessed might get remasters actually are. I still think they’re ultimately a good thing for a few reasons: 1) Not everybody has played the games on their original systems, 2) Many of these games didn’t run very well on the PS3 and 360, and 3) Releasing PC versions of games like the original Resident Evil is a very good way to make sure they remain available for a very long time. It’s just that it’s starting to look like publishers are actually padding out their schedules this year with the remasters. The Xbox One’s main exclusive release this fall is a collection of remastered Halo games (that’s rumored to also hit PC now). Has this new console generation really started yet?

Ultimately I think if you don’t own a gaming PC it’s still going to be worthwhile to get a new console this year just to get the best versions of all the actual new games coming out, even if almost all of them are cross-generation. Recent cross-gen games like the Destiny beta, THIEF and Wolfenstein: The New Order barely run at all on PS3 and 360 — these newer games are pushing the old consoles past their limits. You might as well get games like Far Cry 4Destiny, and Dragon Age Inquisition on the new consoles. The PS4 has already become a leading platform in sales for games like Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstein.

If you have a lagging sense however that those games still aren’t getting the most out of the new machines, then it really does seem like a lot of people bought them too early. In previous posts I speculated we weren’t going to see a lot of “true next-gen” games until late 2014 — the first holiday season after launch, but it’s looking like big PS4/Xbox One/PC-only games aren’t coming out until at least early 2015. As far back as last year I’d said the first such game that looks like a must-buy for me is The Witcher 3. Market-wise though I have a feeling Assassin’s Creed Unity is going to be the most significant system-seller for the PS4 and Xbox One this fall. It’s basically the sole AAA next-gen-only game of the season. The Xbox One has a couple other small ones, but the PS4 has no exclusives this fall.

This is looking like a really slow console transition.


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What I Really Want From SEGA


There have been a lot of reasons for SEGA fans to be mad at the company for probably a decade now. I think the company’s recent actions during MomoCon  2014 along with some other events give me a nice opportunity to talk about one thing I’ve wanted from SEGA for a while.

At MomoCon SEGA started a Q&A session with what they couldn’t talk about — mainly Shenmue 3 and any non-Asian releases of Phantasy Star Online 2. Mentioning PSO2 there dose kind of make me upset because that means SEGA knows western audiences still want PSO2 (they announced its western release… two years ago?) but isn’t giving it to us. Maybe that just means it’s still in the works. It better be. I can understand SEGA’s position with Shenmue, seeing how economically unsound that whole intellectual property has been. That’s not what I’m writing about today though.

Whenever I think “what do I want from SEGA right now?” for some reason the main thing that comes to mind is an HD re-release of Skies of Arcadia. Oh I’m still mad about not getting an English version of Ryu Ga Gotoku 5 (Yakuza 5). The petitions for PC ports of Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Valkyria Chronicles have merit. Vanquish at 60 frames per second could be amazing, and I’d love to play Bayonetta at a more stable framerate. The whole Valkyria IP is just a tragedy (like so many SEGA IPs). But Skies is the one I’d choose if I it actually came down to a choice.

I guess what makes me the most upset is how SEGA actually confirmed it knows Skies is one of the most requested Dreamcast re-releases along with Shenmue (not to mention the rumored finished Shenmue and Shenmue II ports SEGA’s supposedly been sitting on since 2009). That means the publisher is tantalizingly close to giving us one of my favorite console RPGs in a shiny new modern format.

It’s personally tantalizing for me because a while ago I lost my 60-hour save file for the Gamecube version. I think about replaying the game all the time, but keep hoping to be able to do so on a new version.

Re-releasing Skies on consoles would be a no-brainer, but I’d preferably like to have it on Steam. It seems like more Japanese developers are putting their classics on Steam every month. Who’d of thought we’d see SNK games and Ikaruga on Steam? SEGA’s been putting seemingly everything it can up there, on top of making its new PC games use Steamworks.

Really, I just want to play Skies in 1080p. Even if it has outdated Dreamcast graphics it would be an improvement. You can see an example of the difference in this Dolphin emulator screenshot (at a little under 1080p with a bunch of anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering thrown in). Playing it with a controller is a no-brainer, but playing a JRPG with a keyboard and mouse is an interesting proposition for navigating menus.

I don’t even think porting the game to mobile is a bad idea. Similar to ports like Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger, the turn-based combat can be handled through touch-based menus. Moving around the world with a virtual analog stick isn’t as much of a hassle in turn-based RPGs as it is in action games.

Why has it been two years since the last Dreamcast HD re-release? Did Jet Set Radio not sell?


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